How to Disable Voice Chat in Rocket League

This article teaches you How to Disable Voice Chat in Rocket League. Rocket League Voice Chat is back with new highlights to assist you with connecting with colleagues and companions! With the Voice Chat Update, we are going to show a portion of the Rocket League Voice Chat Settings, including how to turn on, switch off, quiet players, and that’s just the beginning.

Join a party and you will join a party voice that chats automatically, and in matches, you will be put into your side’s group voice chat to talk about system and bring home the win! Furthermore, with new companions list highlights you can join, leave, and make voice chat rooms effortlessly.

How to Disable Voice Chat in Rocket League

How to Disable Voice Chat in Rocket League

To switch off voice chat in Rocket League, open the settings and snap on the Audio tab. un-really take a look at the case that says “Empower Voice Chat.” This screen is additionally where you can change your sound input/yield gadget, as well as empower Push to Talk.

You can likewise change your voice chat from group to party. While group chat permits you to converse with anyone that gets put in your group, party chat will keep you in a voice channel just with the players you have invited or joined. If you truly have any desire to cut correspondence with different players totally, this tab can likewise be utilized to disable text chat in Rocket League, which for the most part permits you to converse with your group, yet the adversary also.

Assuming you disable voice chat completely, you will not have the option to hear any sound correspondence from your partners, as well as the other way around. Assuming you’re playing with companions, perhaps chat with them in a Discord call or Xbox/PlayStation party. Disabling this component Dominus can likewise assist you with dodging any arbitrary horrendous players that you might run over in matchmaking.


Need to converse with your group or party while playing? Use Voice Chat to converse with your companions on all stages!

Follow the means beneath to get everything rolling:

  • Send off Rocket League
  • Select Settings from the Main Menu
  • Select the Chat tab
  • Check the Enable Voice Chat button

Choices to Consider assuming You Choose to Enable Voice Chat

Presently, there are a small bunch of different choices there in the event that you wish to utilize the component instead. You have the Push to Talk choice which possibly allows you to converse with your group or party assuming you press a particular keybind. You can likewise pick whether to empower Voice Chat for your party or your group.

In the interim, in the Audio tab, you can find the setting for the Voice Chat volume. You should design this assuming you think the volume is either too high or too low. Finally, in the Control tab, you can change the keybind for the Push to Talk choice.

How to Disable Voice Chat in Rocket League

All-Stars left voice chat

You can change the input and result gadget on the PC also assuming you need an alternate receiver from the default that is allot.

Leaving on your voice chat in games hasn’t functioned admirably previously. For instance, the much-fail to remember Destruction All-Stars left voice chat on naturally, and numerous players did not know that they had the option to hear. A ton of undesirable rap music and youngsters’ screaming were hear players before the distributer PlayStation Studios finally disable voice chat as a matter of course. Ideally, Epic Games goes with the same pattern.

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