How to Find Tungsten In Starfield

Tungsten is an important and versatile metal known for its outstanding hardness, high melting point, and various industrial applications. In the universe of Starfield, a game known for its space investigation and resource gathering, tungsten is a sought-after resource used in crafting and innovation. In this aide, we will investigate the properties of tungsten, its refining process, applications, and how to find it in the Starfield universe.

Tungsten in the Earth’s Crust

Tungsten, also known as Wolfram, is an uncommon component in the Earth’s crust. It is much of the time tracked down in combination with other minerals, most usually as tungstate minerals such as scheelite and wolframite. Extracting tungsten from its ores is a perplexing process because of its high melting point and resistance to corrosion.

Tungsten Refining Process

Refining tungsten involves several steps:

Mining: Tungsten-bearing ores, such as scheelite and wolframite, are mined from the Earth’s crust.

Crushing and Grinding: The ores are crushed and ground into fine particles to work with further processing.

Metal Fixation: To separate tungsten from other minerals, mineral focus techniques like gravity separation, buoyancy, and attractive separation are utilized.

Roasting: The concentrated tungsten mineral is roasted at high temperatures to eliminate impurities and convert it into tungsten oxide (WO3).

Decrease: Tungsten oxide is synthetically diminished using hydrogen or carbon to create tungsten metal powder.

Refinement: The tungsten powder is further sanitized through a substance process to eliminate any remaining impurities.

Arrangement of Tungsten Alloys: Tungsten is frequently combined with other elements to make specialized alloys with novel properties. Normal alloys include tungsten carbide, which is uncommonly hard and used in cutting tools, and various tungsten-copper alloys used in electrical and thermal applications.

Tungsten Alloys

Tungsten alloys are profoundly esteemed for their outstanding properties:

Tungsten Carbide: Known for its outrageous hardness, it is used in cutting tools, boring apparatus, and abrasives.

Tungsten-Copper Alloys: These alloys offer a harmony between electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, making them suitable for electrical contacts and intensity sinks.

Tungsten Applications

Tungsten has a large number of industrial and mechanical applications, including:

Aerospace: Tungsten is used in the aerospace industry for its high melting point, making it suitable for components subjected to outrageous intensity.

Electronics: Tungsten is used in electrical contacts and as a material for microchips and electronic components.

Lighting: Tungsten filaments in incandescent bulbs transmit brilliant light while warmed, making them a typical decision for lighting.

Manufacturing: Tungsten alloys are used in the development of high velocity steel, cutting tools, and large equipment components.

Where to Find Tungsten in Starfield

In the Starfield universe, you can find tungsten by exploring various celestial bodies, including asteroids, planets, and moons. Search for mining nodes, resource-rich areas, or topographical formations that indicate the presence of tungsten deposits. Use specialized mining gear and tools to extricate tungsten metal, refine it, and use it for crafting and innovation enhancements.

How to Find Tungsten In Starfield


Tungsten is a significant resource with a scope of applications, both in this present reality and in the imaginary universe of Starfield. Understanding its properties, refining process, and applications can assist you with appreciating its significance in the game and settle on informed conclusions about where and how to find and use tungsten for your spacefaring adventures. So, leave on your investigation process, discover new resources, and harness the force of tungsten in Starfield.

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