Essentials Every Avid Gamer Needs to Stay Comfortable During Long Sessions

If you are a serious gamer, chances are that you spend more than a few hours at a time playing your favourite games. Sitting in the same spot, in the same room for hours at a time can get uncomfortable very fast and this is why gamers should invest in a few things that would make their gaming sessions a lot more comfortable. We have put together a few essentials to make your gaming sessions more comfortable and to ensure nothing gets in your way as you try to complete levels and challenges.

Gaming Mouse

Gamers who play for long periods already know about hand cramps. These cramps tend to happen at the worst time and can be the difference between completing a level and starting all over again. To prevent this from happening, consider getting a lightweight gaming mouse. Their lightweight designs ensure comfort and durability, while their button design helps reduce the amount of force required to actuate them. This leads to less fatigue to the hands and fingers and thus fewer incidences of cramps.

There are also more expensive options that are designed for esports players. These are ultralight and very sensitive mice. Because of their ergonomic design, these mice fit into your hand nicely and help prevent your fingers from forming a claw, which is never a good thing if you use the internet to play for more than a few hours.

Gaming Chair

If you are going to be gaming for long sessions, a gaming chair is one of the first things you should get. A common challenge for gamers and those who sit at their desks for a long time is developing bad posture. Bad posture can lead to back and neck pain and both can be disastrous down the line.

Modern gaming chairs are built with comfort and ergonomics in mind to ensure you remain comfortable when you are gaming for long sessions. These chairs “force” you to sit up straighter so that your back and neck are not stiff at the end of the day. Although gaming chairs can be a bit pricey, they are worth it considering how many issues they will save you from down the line.

If you need something with enhanced lumbar support, you can always go with racing gaming chairs. These usually offer more lumbar support than other gaming chairs and can come with extra features such as adjustable armrests.

A Larger Tablet

If you are a mobile gamer, you might consider getting a tablet to play your mobile games on instead of playing on a gaming smartphone. Tablets have larger screens naturally and have become powerful enough that they now rival some smartphones in their capabilities.

Tablets are also easier to hold, helping avoid the hand cramps and strains discussed earlier, and are also larger so they reduce eye fatigue and strain when playing games with smaller objects.

Tablets are also a great option if you would like to get out of your chair and play lying down, which can do wonders for your back and overall posture. Granted, many of the games you could play lying down are not as demanding as those you could play on your desk.

Some options to consider include puzzles, simulation games, strategy, and board games as well as casino games. You can download most games from your device’s app store but for casino games, you would need to download them from a mobile casino website. You can see which games are available for your device on this website. OnlineCasinos carries out in-depth reviews of casinos from all over the world to help you find reputable, secure sites with games you will love. They also review the latest casino games so you can find something newer to play.

The Right Headphones

Headphones that have too much clamping force, too little foam, or the wrong type of foam can start hurting after just a few hours of wearing them. Gaming headphones are meant to be lightweight, padded with comfortable memory foam with just the right amount of clamping force to help you stay comfortable during your gaming sessions. Some of them are so well-built that they help prevent the accumulation of sweat while you game.

Gaming headphones are also balanced for sound and thus do not become fatiguing after just a few hours of gaming. Many are also wireless and come with decent battery life, meaning you don’t have to charge them all the time.

One thing to remember is that headphone comfort and sound are very subjective, and you might have to go through a few pairs before finding headphones that are perfect for you.


A footrest improves your posture which can have a profound effect on your legs, shoulders and back. Although there are other types of footrests, memory foam footrests are both comfortable and soft enough that you will have no trouble resting your feet on them for many hours. They can also provide a lot of relief from pain caused by standing for too long. These footrests are great for gamers and those who work from home, and even better if you do both.

Seat Cushion

If you cannot afford a gaming chair or do not want to buy one, you should consider getting a seat cushion. Most gamers sit on hard chairs for long periods and even when they own a gaming chair, the cushion might be so worn out after a few months of use that it might as well not even exist. A seat cushion helps soften the stress in your lower back and bottoms if you sit for long periods. Seat cushions can also be used with gaming chairs to help provide even more padding and relief.

While every gamer is different, many gamers start feeling some pain or strain on various parts of their body after gaming for a few hours. Fortunately, there are a few essentials you can add to your gaming den or room to reduce strain, fatigue, and incidences of cramping when you game for hours on end.

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