[Learn] How to Find and Defeat the Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact Harnessing the force of lightning, the Electro Hypostasis can be a tough battle. We should investigate where to find it, which characters to use, and how to defeat the Electro Hypostasis.

The Electro Hypostasis is an exemplary world boss in Genshin Impact, one of the absolute first bosses you’re ready to battle while beginning your excursion. The Electro Hypostasis drops a materials important to step up and climb your characters. Figure out how to beat this world boss underneath.

This Genshin Impact guide contains information on how to defeat the boss, Electro Hypostasis. Situated in Mondstadt. The Electro Hypostasis is the Electro rendition of the hypostases that exists all through the overworld. Furthermore, this guide will likewise give a few hints and deceives that will assist you with taking down the Electro Hypostasis, as well as the rewards on offer.

How to find and defeat the Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Electro Hypostasis Location in Genshin Impact

The Electro Hypostasis is situated in Cape Vow, close to the Falcon’s Door domain. You can see its accurate location in the Voyager Manual, as well as straightforwardly on the guide after you have discovered it.

Best Characters To Use

The Electro Hypostasis is the essential encapsulation of Electro, meaning all assaults against it will deliver an Electro-based response. Try not to use Electro characters like Fischl or Keqing, as their assaults will affect this boss. Instead, bring high harm characters like Diluc, Klee, Ganyu or Chongyun, who can profit from either the Over-burden or Superconduct responses.

How To Beat

The Electro Hypostasis will possibly take harm when its center is uncovered. Prior to exposing its center, the boss will use different Electro assaults. The overall methodology for this boss is to remain nearby stay away from its assaults, then strike the center whenever it’s uncovered. Rehash this interaction a couple of times and the boss will go down. We should investigate every one of the Electro Hypostasis’ assaults and what they do.

  • Missiles: The boss will frame a precious stone shape with its shell prior to launching bits of it at you. These can be effectively evaded by moving ceaselessly.
  • Applaud: The boss will shape a wall with its shell prior to clapping the two parts together, dealing harm in the middle. Evade to either side to stay away from this assault.
  • Rock, Scissors, Paper: The boss will fly close to you prior to performing three unique assaults, in the types of a fist, scissors, and a level “hand”. These assaults can be avoided by sprinting behind the boss before every one.
  • Drill: The boss will transform into a drill and fly across the field. Run to the side to avoid.
  • Quakes: The boss will move to the focal point of the field and convey continuous shockwaves around the field. These can be evaded via cautiously moving between them.
  • Confine: The boss will shape a boundary around you made from Electro energy, trapping you inside. It will send off lightning strikes around you. You can get away from the enclosure before it is shaped by running towards the primary point of support that shows up.


Like other bosses in Genshin Impact, the Electro Hypostasis costs 40 Original Resin to open its rewards. After doing in this way, you’ll get Electro Character Climb Materials, Lightning Prisms, and Ancient rarities from the sets Berserker, Instructor, Tricky SOB, Gladiator’s Finale, Wanderer’s Group, and Petitions for Wisdom.

How to find and defeat the Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Which hypostasis is the easiest?

The Electro Hypostasis is quite possibly of the easiest boss in the game. It might actually be defeated in less than five minutes. During the battle, it changes shapes frequently. And it even attempts to trap the players in a prison. Assuming players bring characters like Chongyun or Diluc. The prison is not difficult to bust open.

To find the Electro Hypostasis, go directly to the Southeast bluffs of Mondstadt’s green slopes. Follow the way directly through Dadaupa Chasm and you ought to see the shocking advancement to your right side as you begin your climb up Cape Vow. Use Pyro or Cryo to finish the Hypostasis off. In the event that you neglect to obliterate every one of the three Electro particles. The Hypostasis will recover 15% of its greatest HP for every molecule remaining.

To do this you really want to explore to The Gap region of the guide and interact with a Sculpture of the Seven to open a piece of the Sumeru Guide. The second prerequisite for the Dendro Hypostasis boss battle is that you want to have a Dendro character in your party to finish the battle.

Golden is by and large viewed as the most vulnerable person in Genshin Impact. Which is no surprise since she’s a free person given out very quickly. The insult sham set by her basic expertise doesn’t keep going long or bargain a lot of harm, and the equivalent is valid for her exploded.

What is the hardest boss in Genshin?

This week by week boss is certainly quite possibly of the hardest. Andrius moves continuously and bargains high harm in a huge AOE. Moreover, this boss is insusceptible to both Cryo and Anemo harm. To beat Andrius, players need to figure out how to evade his assaults.

Finally, the latest most remarkable playable person in Genshin Impact legend wise is the Geo Archon himself Zhongli. Nobody can kill him or is adequately strong to do as such. So he needed to counterfeit his own demise to escape liability.

As a healer, Qiqi is one of the most obviously terrible in the game. This is unexpected since she’s a 5-star character and was really truly outstanding until the game began introducing more commonsense healing characters. Subsequently, Qiqi is currently viewed as one of the most awful 5-star characters in the game.

Qiqi is the best person in sheer healing capacities in the cast up until this point, and this is her main resource as a person. Both her essential burst and expertise give uninvolved healing, meaning that initiating her ability and change to an alternate character is simple.

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