Video Games That Changed the Industry Forever

There are many breathtaking games in the world of gaming and they are so because they mix the elements in the right way. In other words, you’ll get lots of games with amazing graphics and a good story. On the other hand, there are several games that don’t look like much but come with a captivating story. Then there are those that smoothen their mechanics and visuals and combine them with a great story to make for iconic titles.

However, there are only a few games that changed the gaming industry forever. As points out, these are the industry’s most iconic games. They are unique titles that spawned a genre or introduced a new mechanic that completely changed the way that players looked at games. You can call these revolutionary video games because of what they did. Here are a few such titles that you need to be aware of:

Wolfenstein 3D

The Wolfenstein franchise is quite famous today as it spans decades and bridges old and new players. You’ll get to suit up and take the fight to the Germans in this alternate version of WWII. The first game in the series follows the same story although it doesn’t look as good as the recent Wolfenstein titles. This game came out back in 1992 and it’s a revolutionary game to this day.

That’s because games in that era usually let you explore their virtual world through a third person, a character in the game that you can see. Wolfenstein 3D changed all this when it introduced the first-person perspective. You could see the world directly in front of you as you shoot the hordes of soldiers.

Gods Unchained

This is a relatively new one on the scene, but it’s another game that changed the way we look at video games. That’s because Gods Unchained is one of the first NFT games. The minds behind Magic the Gathering are also behind this video game. In this trading card game, you’ll get to earn or purchase various cards which are also NFTs. And if you had them where would you trade them?

On an NFT trading platform of course. There is more than one such platform out there and each one has its perks. Some come with fees while others are free. Also, certain platforms are ideal for both trading and creating NFTs which is why they’re so popular. The main thing about such platforms is to go for the one that suits you most.

GTA San Andreas

The Grand Theft Auto series has had successful titles over the years. The funny thing about this franchise is that a glitch caused the making of the first game. After you hit police cars they would start chasing you and the rest is history. The one title that is a fan favorite is the San Andreas title. The games up to that point were pretty good, but San Andreas took the meaning of Open World to the next level. In it, you can complete missions or you can roam about and do whatever you want to. This is why GTA San Andreas is a revolutionary title.

World of Warcraft

There are many games that would fall under the term MMORPG games nowadays. But it was thanks to World of Warcraft that these games appeared. Warcraft is originally a strategy game that lets you take on the roles of Humans, Orcs, Night Elves, and the Undead. The same world was taken and revamped in an online game called World of Warcraft.

The game lets you make your own character, choose a race, and an alliance and enjoy the world online. You can play this game solo or do it with some friends. The game has spawned numerous expansions and has deep lore combined with lots weapons, armors, spells, potions and plenty of guides giving you tips on combining items to enhance your character’s performance. This revolutionary game was among the first MMOs that gave birth to other titles of this genre.


From time to time, developers will take all the familiar elements of video games and mix them up so well that you have an iconic title years after its release. Bioshock is one such title and it’s another game that revolutionized the gaming industry. In this game, you’ll get good mechanics and visuals for the time, and a story that will suck you in the minute you start playing.

In Bioshock, you will experience the world of Rapture, an underwater city that was built by Andrew Ryan. It’s a city where there’s no religion and no limits to science and business, think of it as a capitalist utopia. By the time you arrive, the city has turned on itself and you’ll see why. You’ll get to see a dark world filled with crazed people, cunning leaders, and a plot twist that will have you up at night.


These are only some of the games that have changed the industry forever. Whether it’s FPS titles or online games you’ll find lots of other exemplary video games that have pushed gaming in a new direction.

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