Best LoL Players of 2021

Who were the best LoL players in 2021? What about upcoming talents? Click here and check out our ultimate list.

Best LoL Players: Who Met Expectations and Who Was the Biggest Letdown?

The League of Legends 2021 season has brought us a lot of excitement. Some teams we expected on the throne, while others were a real surprise. Again, we had the opportunity to watch the best LoL players in action.


Some justified high expectations. They carried their teams, which won great results on the backs of individual performances of some players. The players who are disappointed are left with 2022 to improve their impression. As always, you can follow your favorite teams on and earn additional cash.


That aside, let’s see which players marked the year behind us and rightly took the epithet of the best on the planet.


You will often find this player on the list of the best in the world. However, we have to agree that’s fair, considering the fact DWG KIA player is the best mid-laner in the world.


ShowMaker is a member of arguably the best team in the world. However, 2021 brought a lot of challenges for the player, but also his team. DWG KIA did not perform as they otherwise know and can. The team struggled, but luckily they had a secret weapon – ShowMaker. Although he lacked Canyon support on his way to the MSI finals, ShowMaker practically brought his team to the last step on its own.


Martin Larsson was born in 1996. Since recently, this player has become a member of the Karmine Corp team. Many believe that the European organization has gained significant strength with this player. With over a decade of experience, Rekkles is one of the most consistent and best LoL players.


This bot liner has accumulated experience as a player of G2 Esports, Fnatic, Elements, Alliance, and many other teams. Martin is the first player to reach 2000 kills in LEC. Also, this player is in the top 5 in assists, just behind Hylissang, Jankos, VandeR, and Mikyx. So far, he has amassed more than 2,500 assists playing League of Legends.

Rasmus Borregaard Winther – Caps

Next on the list is another mid-laner. Rasmus Winther is a 22-year-old G2 Esports player. One of the most talented Leagues of Legends players in Europe gained his experience in teams such as Fnatic, Dark Passage, Nerv, Inspire eSports, Enigma Esports, and others. Success in eSports is obviously in his blood, given that his brother is the famous DotA 2 player Ryze. You may be able to follow Ryze in 2022 eSports Bali World Championship.


It is also interesting that Rasmus’ nickname in LoL is the target of various tweaks. So the fans call him Craps when he loses, but also Claps when he is obviously carrying his team. Together with Uzi, he became one of two non-Koreans to appear in the consecutive Worlds finals. Caps was the MVP of the Mid-Season Invitational in 2021.

Can Çelik – Closer

Closer is a member of 100 Thieves. This jungler gained fame by playing in the Royal Bandits, Team Vulture, Royal Youth, Golden Guardians, and others. Although he had some of the best LoL players like Ssumday and Victor FBI Huang on his team, Closer stepped forward, found his form, and helped his team significantly in the LCS Championship.


His contribution was particularly noticeable in the win against Team Liquid. This fight lasted one hour and 24 minutes. As a result, Closer earned a place in the second All-Pro team league. Also, thanks to his contribution in playoff games, he was the MVP of the LCS Finals.


Many agree that Gumayusi has all the potential to become one of the best players. T1 wonderkid gained experience in the team development academy. During 2019 and 2020, this player was only a trainee and substitute. However, an unexpected plot twist followed, and Gumayusi made his debut in the 2020 Regional Finals.


His game against DWG is still remembered. Then his team was close to surprise. Fans in Korea could have gotten to know him better during the 2021 Worlds campaign, where he provided good games in the famous Korean arenas.

Park Do-hyeon aka Viper

People saw Griffin make up leeway in 2018 and 2019. There, in the center of attention, was Park Do-hyeon, better known as the Viper. However, Viper wasn’t just a one-season wonder. The player continued to progress and soon established himself as a force to reckoned with. Today, many consider Viper to be one of the best LoL players.


His career flourished with Edward Gaming, though the team struggled in the beginning. Viper and his teammates fell short in their Spring campaign, only managed to work their way up to the third place. However, the player rose above the occasion and won it all. They managed to return EDG to their LPL throne.


As for individual performance, Viper managed to get 5.79 KDA, 1163 kills, and assists in 121 games. This run led to winning multiple trophies as a result.

Andrei Pascu – Odoamne

His career started back in 2013 when he was a member of Absolute Legends. Odoamne played for different teams like AirWalk Gaming, Cloud9 Eclipse, Splyce, Shalke 04, and Rogue during his long and successful journey.


His nick derives from the Romanian phrase “O, Doamne!” which means “Oh, my God.” Indeed, some of his plays were out of this world. Odoamne is the 9th player to reach 1000 kills in the LEC. That said, Andrei is on the list of players including Rekkles, Jankos, Perkz, nukeduck, Caps, Wunder, Kobbe and Hans sama.


He was in the EU All-Pro 2nd Team four times between 2016-2022. Although some consider him an LoL veteran, many experts believe he is one of the most flexible players in the gaming community. The player built his career on solid versatility, being able to play passive or aggressive, depending on his team’s needs. RGE has done an incredible job in acquiring Odoamne. Their goals are much higher now, aiming to go to Worlds. We’ll see what the future holds for this player and his team.

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to look past this list of the best LoL players. Some of the names are already well-established in the League of Legends hierarchy. However, you’ll also notice a few names we believe to be future superstars. As every season, some teams will jump out; others will disappoint. However, these are players from whom we can always expect to step up and carry their teammates to the stars. Maybe some new, future LoL stars will be born on the wings of these players; who knows.

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