Best Way to Beat the Castle Radion Boss in Airoheart

Castle Radion boss in Airoheart earlier in Part 1, we defeated the Abbey and got a new magic string that we can use to fend off. You will need to use this later.

We recommend checking out the Heart Melon Guide, Rune Location Guide, and Blacksmith Crafting Guide before proceeding to the second dungeon. Check out these guides for early game upgrades that might help you in your second dungeon.

The first thing you should do is head southeast of the map to find the next dungeon. Starting in Llanfair County and heading into the Central Hills, you’ll come across a castle-like area. As soon as you start this dungeon, you’ll have to head left and use your new dodge ability to jump over the gap.

Once you’re past that, push down on the blocks on the right side of the map and you’ll see his 5 new moving blocks with symbols.

You must press in the following order: 3, 5, 2, 4, 1. Split Items and Ammo in Marauders This unlocks the barrier further down. To get past this, you’ll need to do another dodge roll. Slowly climb over moving spinners and metal blocks. One of the pots holds a healing potion. Go right.

how to beat the Castle Radio boss in Airoheart

Castle Radion boss in Airoheart

Castle Radion is a great milestone for Airoheart players since getting their first ranged weapon crossbow. This allows players to kill enemies from a safe distance. You can’t beat the boss in this room without very accurate arrows, so I hope they’ve achieved their goal.

Castle Radion projectile heavy boss

His second boss in Airoheart that the player wants to defeat is the Big Eyeball (seems to be very related to Super Metroid’s Fantoon. When the battle begins, the boss summons a small eyeball that orbits the boss’ orbit. and shoot projectiles in the chute. Participant. This projectile cannot be blocked by defenses

If the contestant succeeds in eradicating the tiny eyeballs, it may create a small window through which the contestant can shoot arrows into the boss’s eye. can be used to get a taste of an inexperienced big ray. Players should usually be able to get 4 frames faster than scrolling to facets.

When the boss takes additional damage, he summons a second smaller eyeball, a third, and even his fourth. However, he can only shoot one small eyeball at a contestant at a time. Opponents want to damage the boss with arrows, so it’s better to lower the eyeball with a sword if possible.

This technique is a bit riskier, but if it means losing the eyeball, it’s usually more than just taking damage (two sword hits will take you down). There are 4 arrow refills in the back of the room, but that’s it. Once it’s exhausted, the contestant can’t get extra arrows to shoot the boss.

At the top of the room is a pot of hearts and a pot with inexperienced potions. The easiest way to deal with this boss is to lower the little eyeball with a sword and shoot the boss with an arrow. As participants take damage, they constantly replenish their happiness with available hearts and potions.

how to beat the Castle Radio boss in Airoheart

How do you breach a castle wall?

The invaders smashed the walls with battering rams, firing heavy stone and fiery projectiles over the walls. Boss Casrick Location and Spawn time They used catapults, trebuchets (heavy slingshot weapons), and ballistas (large crossbows). Another method of tearing down the ramparts was to mine under the ramparts.

A ladder in the bell tower allowed attackers to climb covertly and enter the castle. The castle’s owners prevented these types of attacks by heaping dirt on the ramparts to prevent the wheeled bell towers from being pushed up into the castle. There are several ways to attack castles.

There are towers or ladders on the walls, mines under the walls, or battering rams, pickaxes, or other tools on the walls.

How did they defend castles?

The battlements were the walls on the roof of the castle. They had higher walls, called battlements, and lower gaps between them, called battlements. The defenders used crossbows to shoot arrows into the parapets and hid behind higher parapets.

They were first developed by the Greeks and were widely used by both the ancient Greeks and the Romans.From the 9th century to his 10th century, the catapult was replaced by the much more powerful trebuchet, It was also used as a weapon in the Middle Ages.

A universal method of defense against sieges is the use of fortifications, mainly walls and moats, to complement the natural features. Adequate supplies of food and water were also essential to defeating the simplest methods of sieges.

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