How to Beat a Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers

We will talk about How to Beat a Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers in this guide. Sonic Frontiers is an open-world adventure game loaded up with dangerous rivals and exciting obstacles to survive. Be that as it may, you’ll trade speed for brains at times. As you’ll have to address a few puzzles. One is a Grave Mystery, where you should create a continuous stream by rotating pillars. This can be precarious, however it can be finished fast on the off chance that you follow our puzzle arrangement and walkthrough for a Grave Mystery in Sonic Frontiers.

One Kronos Island puzzle that will without a doubt befuddle a few Sonic Frontiers players is the Tombstone puzzle “A Grave Mystery.” This challenge is located between M-020 and M-023. Near the Senior Koco on the northwestern corner of the island. Prior to starting the puzzle, Sonic will remark that there is a noticeable “pattern on the ground” that reveals how the arrangement ought to look.

This “pattern” he is referring to is the trails of visible soil that can be found in certain areas between the tombstones yet not others. Accordingly, players can tackle the A Grave Mystery puzzle in Sonic Frontiers by aiming the obelisks’ beams of light to match the shape shown by the soil pattern.

how to beat a grave mystery in sonic frontiers

What is Grave Mystery Puzzle?

It is one of the many puzzles in-game that is exceptionally annoying to tackle and could take a great deal of your time than anticipated. Voices Sage In Sonic Frontiers Puzzles like the M-015 puzzle are easy to sort out yet Grave Mystery is the opposite of that.

Unfortunately for you, crossing this puzzle is necessary to advance further in the game so it has to be settled regardless of anything. After reaching this point of the game, you will see high laser towers.

A Grave Mystery Puzzle Arrangement

Fortunately, Sonic Frontiers players will have the option to rotate the four black tombstones without physically walking dependent upon them. When players interact with the grave close to them, the mission will start.

There are four tombstones that can be rotated, and we marked the image down underneath with four circles. Each one numbered from 1 to 4 in a clockwise positioning. The southern-most tombstone is marked #1; the tombstone on the left side is #2; the tomb on the north end is #3 and finally, #4 is on the far right.

  • Take control of grave #2 and aim its energy beam at the grave facing northwest to make a path with the light.
  • Take control of tomb #4 and aim its light at the grave southwest of it to make another path.
  • Head to tomb #3 and aim its beam at the grave that’s to the south/southwest. This will create another path of light that follows the markings on the ground.
  • Take control of #1 and aim it at the tomb to the south to make another path of light.
  • Take control of #2 again, and set it back to the position we put it in sync 1. It’s the tomb to the northwest.

How to Unlock A Grave Mystery

You cannot interact with the tombstones expected to settle the puzzle prior to fulfilling all the conditions. Otherwise, you will be welcomed with locks on all the tombstone pillars. Whenever you have satisfied the two conditions, the game will tell you to “Talk to Amy”. After doing along these lines,

A Grave Mystery will be available to you after a cutscene with Amy. She will be quite sad as she is trapped in Cyberspace. After this conversation, Amy will also specify that you can interact with the locale now, it is currently available to hint that the puzzle.

how to beat a grave mystery in sonic frontiers

How long will it take to beat Sonic Frontiers?

How Long Will It Take To Beat Sonic Frontiers’ Main Story? On the off chance that (like Sonic himself) you’ve gotta go fast. You can hope to go through about 15½ hours running through the main story of the game. It’s not an especially long game, and there’s much leftover with regard to side content. How Long Will It Take To Beat Sonic Frontiers’ Main Story? If (like Sonic himself) you’ve gotta go fast. Sonic Frontiers All Guardian Types You can hope to go through about 15½ hours running through the main story of the game. It’s not an especially long game, and there’s significantly leftover with regard to side substance.

Sonic Frontiers is a 2022 platform game created by Sonic Team and published by Sega. As Sonic the Hedgehog, the player investigates the Starfall Islands to gather the Chaos Emeralds, after Sonic and his companions are separated while falling through a wormhole.

The ultimate enhancer Very Sonic returns in Sonic Frontiers as an alternate structure players can use to investigate the vast islands where managers, journeys. And other assorted missions drive the narrative of this anticipated title.

How many endings does Sonic Frontiers have?

At the start of the game, players face many inquiries and secrets that. Even at the finish of them, will not be answered completely. This is because there are two endings. And this is the way you can get the genuine ending of Sonic Frontiers.

Now that it had been liberated, it can now go across aspects and tear down the very fabric that they consist of. Making the End by a long shot the most dangerous and strong enemy that Sonic has at any point faced. In Japanese. It is voiced by Gara Takashima for its female voice and Hōchū Ōtsuka for its male voice.

Large the Cat has done more really great for me in Sonic Frontiers than in any of his different appearances. He’s the most amazing aspect of this game because he allowed me to not have to go around finding an absurd amount of collectibles that would make Jackass Kong 64 blush. And for that, I thank him. His sins have been excused in my eyes.

Scourge the Hedgehog (previously known as Anti Sonic. Or Evil Sonic) was a malevolent form of Sonic the Hedgehog from Moebius. Dissimilar to Sonic, Scourge mistreated others, was selfish and covetous, and had a great longing for power.

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