Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone Provides High Stakes Squad-Based Mode

With its release date (November 19th) fast approaching, Battlefield 2042 has given its fans a look at their new Hazard Zone mode. The new mode will live alongside the game’s previously unveiled features, Battlefield Portal and All-Out Warfare. 

Hazard Zone will offer fans an exciting gaming experience where four-player teams fight over Drives. Players are excited about the latest addition in this iconic series, after seeing the All-Out Warfare mode that Battlefield is popular for. Additionally, players can create unique experiences in the community-driven platform, Battlefield Portal.

Like high-stakes poker, the third game mode will offer added intensity to the players. The mode gives the players the role of the No-Pat Task Force developed to retrieve Data Drive from fallen satellite capsules spread throughout seven All-Out Warfare maps. 

In response to a global blackout in 2040, governments use low orbit satellites to gather information on enemy forces. These satellites are driven down in Russia and U.S-controlled territory, allowing every side to gather Intel from these downed Data Drives. You then need to use your task force to collect the data drives to ensure that other non-combative no-pats are safe.

As part of this No-Pat Task Force, teams of four players drop into every map and locate the Data Drives, but you’ll be competing with other players for them. The occupying forces will also be standing in your way and you must be cautious of harsh weather conditions like Tornados. 

Because of the unique challenge, players must choose their loadout before getting into the game. These items can be bought using Dark Market Credits, rewarded by extracting the Data Drives successfully. However, walking away with the Data Drives is the most essential part of the Hazard Zone, so avoiding enemies is a great strategy and not killing. 

You can also buy tactical upgrades, which give you valuable bonuses such as additional weapon magazines and throw-able weapons. There are fifteen tactical upgrades available at launch, offering gamers the options to choose the most beneficial playing style. However, you’re free to use your Dark Market credits to get upgrades like Ammo increase, faster healing, and Data Drive carrying capacity. 

Teams can’t have duplicate specialists, meaning they’ll need to coordinate their teammates to make sure they’re ready for the challenge. For instance, an aggressive team can choose Mackay to exploit the Nible and grappling Hoot trait, giving them incredible mobility, or pick Falck that can reapply health using the S21 pistol. That’s why having a well-balanced squad of four players is important to ensure they complement each other’s abilities. 

Hazard Zone isn’t the kind of game for making mistakes, although you can crawl to safety when you’re drowned. However, you’ll be put on the spectators’ screen if you die, but your team can bring you back using a reinforcement uplink scattered around the map or as a tactical upgrade. 

After you choose a load-out and tactical abilities, the gamers choose a location on a map where they’ll drop in. After reaching on the ground, the teams will use their Intel Scanner to get the appropriate locations to get the Data Drives. However, new satellites fall mid-game with several data drives. These are usually more valuable but they’ll attract more attention from other teams. 

During a Hazard Zone match, the players get two chances to extract. The first extraction gets revealed several minutes after starting the game and your team has only a few minutes to get to the randomized location. The last window opens 10-12 minutes into the game, but you’ll need to fight for the last chance to escape with your spoils if you didn’t manage to extract in the first attempt. 

Only one team can manage to escape in both extraction chances, meaning only two squads can survive a game. Fortunately, a team that successfully extracts several times using a unique specialist grant unlocks discounts for load-out items and tactical upgrades. However, the streak resets if you fail to extract resets. 

If you don’t extract, you’ll lose all the Data Drives you have gathered in the match. However, if at least a single player in your team manages to make it to the extraction point, the whole team gets rewarded. 

By using quick thinking, tactical teamwork, and some luck, Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone features all the ingredients you need for competitive gaming. That makes this gaming mode perfect for players who like the rush of squad-based combat compared to explosive chaos available in most battlefields in this series, including Battlefield Portal and All-Out Warfare. 

Hazard Zone supports a maximum of 24 players on PS4, Xbox One, and 32 gamers on Playstation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. The game mode will premiere on 19th November for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate players getting early access with EA Play.

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