All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

There is absolutely no lack of All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. The season brings an assorted arrangement of interesting weapons that must be bought from NPCs, from recently unvaulted ones like the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle to the still-accessible Marksman Six Shooter. However, players should go to the more modest corners of the guide to purchase and gather most.

Like All Shrine locations in The Club will cost potential purchasers many Gold. The most affordable of the bundle are the guns, ordinarily evaluated at 400 Gold. In the interim, strong Exotic expert sharpshooters and shotguns will run from 500 to 600 Gold. Here is each Exotic weapon’s area and how should each will set you back.

Exotic weapons like the Dragon’s Breath Sniper and the Burst Quad Launcher previously showed up in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 and were accessible to buy from NPCs around The Island utilizing Gold Bar money. Fortnite highlights a wide collection of weapons to look over, with the most impressive one being the incredibly intriguing Exotic weapons that previously shown up during Chapter 2, Season 5.

New Exotic Items have been added to All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite with huge loads of new locations. With the finish of Fortnite chapter 2, the whole fight royale island has been hugely changed. Fan-most loved locations have been exchanged with fresh out of the plastic new regions to investigate and find plunder inside.

All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Exotic weapons must be procured by exchanging Gold Bars with explicit NPCs that show up at different locations on The Island. Beforehand, these NPCs could show up in different locations, however luckily, they’re all static such a long ways in Chapter 3.

Not certain what Gold Bars are? We take care of you in our convenient manual for the Fortnite in-game cash. Basically, you’ll have to finish Bounties or missions from All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite to procure Bars, or search safes and shop tills to assemble them.

Exotics aren’t so strong as Mythic weapons, and whether they’re really worth spending your Bars depends on you. In any case, similar to all restricted time weapons and collectibles in Fortnite, we’re certain players will put forth a valiant effort to attempt them all.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 Exotic weapon locations

All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite

At the hour of composing, you can track down a sum of four Exotic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, yet we anticipate that this number should develop as the designers are continuously adding new satisfied to the game.

You can buy these from NPCs for the perfect proportion of Gold Bars. Each Exotic weapon has particular credits and utilizing them can assist you with getting a Victory Royale, so we’ll go over their locations on the guide, alongside the expenses, and NPCs that you want to visit.

Boom Sniper Rifle

You can get this Exotic Weapon from The All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite wandering around The Sanctuary for 600 Gold Bars. Then again, the Boom Sniper Rifle can likewise be bought from Lt. John Llama who is found southwest of Logjam Lumberyard.

The firearm is like the Heavy Sniper Rifle, with the greatest contrast being that your targets will take 10 contact harm from the clinger, and afterward the shot will detonate and bargain 60 reward harm to them.

The Dub

All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite

This Exotic, twofold barreled excellence can dole out a genuine harm to your rivals, and you can buy it from Bunker Jonesy. This character is situated close to a trailer on the south side of The Joneses.

Buying this Exotic shotgun will cost you 600 Gold Bars. While the weapon has low reach and a little magazine. It’s fit for obliterating your foes in close battle, so it merits getting.

Chilli Chug Splash

The Chili Chug Splashes can be bought from Guaco for 210 Gold Bars. At Greasy Grove or gathered from inside Loot Llamas. This Exotic Weapon can significantly help you and your colleagues.

Hold down the fire button to point where you need to toss. It will tear open sprinkling close by players. As well as recuperating your partners, it will likewise enable them to move quicker.

Marksman Six Shooter

All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite

The Marksman Six Shooter costs 400 Gold Bars and you can buy it from. All Exotic Weapon Locations in Fortnite at the Butter Barn, southwest of Rocky Reels. On the other hand, you can likewise get it from the Cuddle Team Leader at Camp Cuddle.

This “quick discharging sidearm” can dole out 24 harm for each shot with a magazine size of six. While it doesn’t hold numerous projectiles, the reload season of 2.1 seconds. Makes guarantees that you have a more steady fire rate.

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