How to Use the Microsoft Store in Windows 11

The Microsoft Store is the underlying storefront for Use the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 applications, games, TV shows, and motion pictures. The leap to Windows 11 introduces an update with more clear classifications and less difficult route so you can all the more effectively find the applications and media you want.

Microsoft is likewise taking a colossal jump by making outsider storefronts accessible to download from the Microsoft Store. The first to be added is the Multiple Monitors in Windows 11, which offers a wide exhibit of games and applications. The Amazon Appstore, which will permit Android applications to work locally in Windows 11, is as of now in beta.

Cell phone users are used to downloading applications, games, motion pictures, and more from a store. iPhone users have Apple’s App Store, and Android users have Google’s Play Store.

On the desktop side, an application store is a marginally more up to date thought. However, something has been accessible to Windows users for quite a while, and the Use the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 gives a fast and simple method for finding, look at, install and refresh applications.

To download and reinstall Microsoft Store application in Windows 10 subsequent to uninstalling it, you can follow the aide beneath. An aide for how to get the new Microsoft Store application on Windows 11 is additionally included.

How to Use the Microsoft Store in Windows 11

You can tap the Microsoft Store symbol on the taskbar to open it.

On the off chance that you don’t see the Use the Microsoft Store in Windows 11, then you can click Start menu, type Microsoft Store, and snap Microsoft Store application to send off it. You can likewise click Pin to taskbar to add Microsoft Store application symbol on your taskbar so you can undoubtedly open it sometime later.

How to Download Apps from Microsoft Store

  • To download applications or games from Microsoft Store, you can follow the aide above to open Microsoft Store application.
  • In Microsoft Store, you can click Apps or Games tab to see hot Microsoft Store applications or games. You can likewise tap the hunt symbol to look through the objective application or game, click Get button to instantly download it on your Windows 10 PC.
  • In the wake of downloading, you can install the application on your PC.

Navigate the Microsoft Store

Use the Microsoft Store in Windows 11

On your Windows 11 PC, click the Microsoft Store symbol on the taskbar to get to the storefront. The home screen shows areas for advanced applications, fundamental applications, free games, top free applications, trending applications, and assortments. The Microsoft Store is further parted into tabs for applications, games, and motion pictures and TV shows.

Click the Apps symbol on the passed on sidebar to see free and paid applications to download. The page is parted into segments for exceptional deals, top rated applications, efficiency, and assortments.

Click the Gaming symbol on the left and look down the screen to see free and paid games to download. The page features advanced games, smash hit games, top free games, top paid games, and assortments.

Looking to get a film or TV show? Click the Use the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 symbol on the left sidebar. You can look down the screen to look at new motion pictures, highlighted films, new TV shows, top-selling TV shows, and assortments of motion pictures and TV series.

Store Search

Use the Microsoft Store in Windows 11

Instead of browsing individual classifications, you can essentially look for an application, game, film, or TV show. Type your hunt term in the top pursuit bar. You can then limit the hunt by selecting Apps, Games, Movies, or TV Shows.

Searches can be further limited by a few extra factors. Click the Filters button in the upper right, and you can channel by age gathering and type (free, paid, or discounted). Depending on the division you pick, you ought to have the option to channel by extra measures, for example, classification or membership type.

Manage Library

Find something you need to download? Select the application you need. Assuming it’s free, click the Get button. For paid applications, click the button with the cost on it. To monitor the things you’ve downloaded or bought, click the Library symbol at the bottom of the left sidebar. Click Open close to a particular application to send off it. Click the ellipsis symbol to share the application, pin it to the taskbar, or pin it to the Start menu.

Use the Microsoft Store in Windows 11

Clicks the Get Updates button to get each of the most recent updates for your applications. If the application shows a cloud symbol close to it, that implies you’ve downloaded the application on an alternate PC or Use the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. Click that symbol to download it to your ongoing gadget.

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