Top Games Inspired by World Mythology

Video game creators have long drawn inspiration from real-world characters and events to engage fans in compelling universes echoing our own. However, history can be a tricky topic to navigate in fiction. Much to history buffs’ dismay, video games cannot claim to be historically accurate. Mythology, on the other hand, is the perfect fit to bring the best of both worlds on screen. While stemming from ancient historical beliefs, its myriad of gods and otherworldly champions can be easily moulded into video game heroes and foes. And no matter which culture they originate from, mystical elements resonate with us to this day. So, let’s embark on a legendary journey with these five games based on world mythology. 

Raji: An Ancient Epic

As captivating as it may be, it took one indie studio to put Indian mythology on the gaming map in 2020. Raji: An Ancient Epic tells the tale of Raji, an orphaned girl setting out on a quest to rescue her brother from the evil grasp of demon lord Mahabalasura. Although goddess Durga and lord Vishnu watch her back, peril awaits as Raji travels far and wide across deserts and mystic lands with a medieval Rajasthan feel. Steeped in Hindu mythology and legendary epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the first entry ever developed by Indian studio Nodding Heads Games is a poetic hack-and-slash adventure. Raji’s artistry also vibrantly plays out on traditional shadow puppets through stunning cutscenes.

Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango puts an original spin on the point-and-click adventure genre by delving into Mexican folklore. Released in 1998, this retro classic takes players to the Aztec Land of the Dead. Working in the Eighth Underworld, travel agent Manny Calavera is tasked with getting recently departed souls to the Ninth Underworld. Virtuous souls may hop on a train to arrive at their final destination in four days. Yet, a gruelling four-year hike awaits those not deemed worthy enough. With its visual style mixing elements of film noir with Mexican calaca figures and even Art Deco, Grim Fandango was perhaps too distinctive to succeed commercially. But this pinnacle of dark comedy still left an enduring mark on the genre.


If you’re into Japanese folklore, Ōkami might already be on your radar. Developed by Clover Studio, a now-defunct studio created by Capcom, the game hit the PS2 in 2006. But its massive success spawned many ports and even a spin-off on the Nintendo DS. This fan-favourite action-adventure game draws from Shintô myths. Taking the form of a white wolf, players control none other than the sun goddess Amaterasu to save the land from all-consuming darkness and restore Nippon to its former beauty. A Celestial Brush feature reminiscent of classic calligraphy helps combat demons and monstrous creatures, while the game’s visuals pay a stunning homage to traditional Japanese woodblock printing.


Mythology meets exhilarating action in this indie roguelike dungeon crawler. Hades puts players in the shoes of Prince Zagreus as he battles out of hell to join the mortal world and reunite with his mother. Hacking and slashing across Tartarus, the son of Hades meets familiar faces along his journey as famed Olympians and heroes like Athena and Achilles watch out for him. This 2020 title by Supergiant Games proved that the Greek pantheon still had much to offer gamers, despite many games drawing from the same source, from the God of War series to even machine slots. Indeed, websites like VegasSlotsOnline boast dozens of machine slots inspired by Greek myths and deities. Gamblers with a passion for Greece are in for a treat with titles like Hades’ Inferno and Age of Zeus. All slots are mobile-friendly for users to enjoy on the go. Better yet, top platforms account for thousands of games to play for free. 

Age of Mythology

Nothing beats a good old classic. And this spin-off of the Age of Empire franchise stands out among mythology games as it allows players to pick one pantheon among the Egyptians, the Norse, and the Greeks. Players choose one major god among important deities before they unlock minor gods every time, they progress to one of four ages. In a similar fashion to Age of Empires, this real-time strategy entry is all about building towns, training fighters, and ultimately becoming the reigning champion of civilisation. To help carry out this daunting task, each god grants unique technologies, units, and special powers.

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