Top 5 Most Anticipated Games for Xbox 2022

Since the first launch of Xbox games, the developers have made each year a highly exciting moment in the gaming field. 2021 was not an exception, with unprecedented games for Xbox Series X and Series S keeping gamers glued to their screens.

The team of developers has good news for gamers. The team has a long list of Xbox games waiting for their release date. We have listed for you the most exciting games to expect in 2022.

Weird West

Gaming lovers will be amazed by this new Xbox series game. Weird West will be released in the first few days of January 2022. You are free to preorder this game and prepare your storage to accommodate the unique horse calamity.

Your horse will be saddled with your most choice of relevant essentials to help you set out on a most dangerous mission to unveil hidden mysteries in the world of Weird West. There will be dark fantasies to discover, creepy heroes, and gunslingers on the frontier.

You will take unique journeys tailor-made by your actions through high-stake adventures. Remember, every action and adventure counts because the Weird West world immediately reacts as per your actions.

Grand Theft Auto 5

The earliest version of Grand Theft Auto 5 was created in 2013 and it’s abbreviated as GTA 5. The video revolves around protagonists Franklin Clinton, Michael Santa, and Trevor Philips. Its expanded Xbox Series X version is set to be released in early March 2022. It became so popular, that product companies started producing all kinds of game themed products – not only T-shirts, cups and table games, but also slots and online games at  various no wagering requirements casinos in Canada.

Its series of vehicles are now improved and their driving mechanics make one feel like they are in a racing game also improved are the shooting mechanics compared to its predecessors. Gamers now will have a chance to select weapons stored in a weapon wheel.

Players can choose any of the protagonists and while they are playing, the other players are independent and live freely as they want. The game has added activities such as golf, yoga, scuba diving, jumping with parachutes, riding, etc.

Rainbow 6 Extraction

Rainbow 6 Extraction will be filled with action on every screen in the gaming field. The teams have to be highly organized to confidently face the main enemy, an alien called Archaean.

The gamers have at their disposal a mix of both old and new weapons to use in their missions. There are 13 powerful weapons, 12 complex maps, and 13 enemies to face. The enemies have new abilities and have different behaviors. That means, do not expect the old attack pattern from the enemy archetypes.

You must check and recheck before you make any move because there are Sowers on the way and their work is to put traps that can bind and blind you. The places with the worst enemies in the region of the Protean. The game release date is January 2022 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and other devices.

The Lord of the Rings – Gollum

The Lord of the Rings – Gollum will feature animated characters such as Gandalf the Wizard. For gamers to survive, they will have to use stealth, agility, and wits. Gollum will be helping gamers stay alive because the world they will be engaged in is unfairly unforgiving.

There will be terrains to scale, places to leap, and other areas to climb. The game will be released in the fall of 2022 and will play on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4,5, PC, and Nintendo. Gollum will again the holding the ring but this time, the player will have control over Gollum from his time in the dark tower to his time with the Elves.

War Hospital 

The improved version of War Hospital set to be released in the first quota of 2022 will be better than its previous version released in 2019. The action-filled strategy game will require the player to be engaged in a hospital at a time when World War 1 is at its height. Their task will be to heal the wounded, some of whom are at the point of death.


The years 2020 and 2021 were packed with some of the most exciting and engaging Xbox games. Players had to play harder to keep up with the releases month after month. What 2022 has on the waiting list is unimaginable. Every month, starting with January 2022, has a set of unique games waiting to be released. Gamers just need to get ready with storage and gaming chairs for another exciting gaming year ahead.

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