How to Complete the Wandering Servant Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

Wandering Servant side quest in Tower of Fantasy  there is no deficiency of basic quests that believe you should get a couple of things to complete them. Be that as it may, in some cases, those can get very challenging with their expected things, and one such quest is the Wandering Servant. Here is an aide on completing the Wandering Servant side quest and how to gather the necessary FF79 Alloy Lubricants.

To begin this quest, you should go to Cetus Island and search for Hana. When you find her, proceed to converse with her to acknowledge the quest. In the wake of accepting the quest, you should converse with Hana again, and here she will give you the goal to search for the distressing signs.

Finding those signs may be challenging, yet you should simply search for a servant robot. The area of the servant robot is underneath the Cetus Island, so you should go down and head towards the objective region. Look behind a portion of the stones in the water, and you will find the robot.

How to complete the Wandering Servant side quest in Tower of Fantasy

How to Complete the Wandering Servant Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

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While finishing the main quest line of games is fun, clearing whole areas of their side quests, collectibles, and managers is likewise exciting. In Tower of Fantasy, this comes in many structures, including explicit side missions that give movement in your Terminal Story diary.

There are four sections to the Wandering Servant questline. To get 100 percent fruition towards the Story part of your Terminal, you should finish every one of the four quests within this side story. The following are the means for completing the Wandering Servant quest in Tower of Fantasy:

Presently, you should interact with that robot, and afterward you should go to Hana to inform her about that servant robot. Subsequent to informing her, you will again have to return down and hang tight for Hana close to that robot. When she is there, you want to make a beeline for the island and request that Slayer fix the robot.

How to complete the Wandering Servant side quest in Tower of Fantasy

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