Sony acquires Bungie for $3.6 billion in the latest gaming industry buyout

Sony’s response to Microsoft’s buyout of Activision is all around the news today, and it’s practically mind boggling. Sony has bought Bungie, the makers of the Halo series, and the current group behind Destiny 2. Truly amusing that Microsoft used to possess Bungie, having gained the studio in 2000, with Bungie going independent in 2007. Then Bungie marked a ten-year manage Activision in 2010, however the studio finished its organization with Activision in 2019. Bungie has since been going it solo, however the present news indeed implies Bungie will currently be joining with Sony after the $3.6 billion securing closes.

Bungie gets around, no question concerning that, yet will this securing end up like the past associations, or will the Goldilocks of the gaming industry finally find a bed that is perfect? The truth will surface eventually.
Regardless of how abnormal it sounds, Sony is purchasing the makers of the Halo series in an immense $3.6 billion arrangement. What’s much more abnormal is that Bungie will remain an independent and multi-platform studio, which is uplifting news for shoppers in the present moment since we will not need to stress over special features. Obviously, Sony didn’t simply burn through $3.6 billion for nothing, so I wouldn’t agree special features are good and gone either, yet like with everything wrong in gaming, a sluggish slide down the tricky slant is essentially anticipated.

Preferably, Sony’s securing will afford Bungie some breathing room and financial help as it grows new games, strengthening Sony’s library while Bungie retains its imaginative independence. This implies Destiny will remain in the possession of Bungie, with no effect on current designs for the game, which is uplifting news for every one of you Stadia players out there.

All things considered, it’s difficult to disregard that such countless studios actually are being purchased up, with Microsoft leading the way alongside Tencent, and presently Sony has joined in on the fun with a critical buy. Some way or another I question this will end up great for us, the buyers. Less rivalry is seldom something worth being thankful for with regards to pricing, and seeing how ravenous a significant number of these studios have become with their crazy adaptation (all things considered, Destiny’s confusing plan and steady stir of new adaptation that eliminates content you previously bought is verification good everything we disdain about portable gaming is making its direction into the AAA industry), some way or another it doesn’t feel like these acquisitions, regardless of the number of affirmations are given, will turn out to be great for gamers. So indeed, Bungie says no special features for now, however what might be said about a long time from now, or five, or ten?

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