Review Of Songmics Gaming Office Chair

Is it even worth investing money in? You’re just gaming, any chair would be good to go? But the fact that gamers sit for hours and hours competing, to invest in a comfortable chair makes total sense. Each gamer has his/her own preferences regarding finding the best PC gaming chair. Gaming chairs between $100 to $200 are comparably much better in quality as well as in their features. Adjustable armrests, adjustable backrests, the basic components will finally be available. SONGMICS gaming office chairs have two main characteristics; practical features and advanced design. This model boasts a foldable footrest under the seat that makes it stand out from other designs.

Fits All Your Sitting Needs

  • It allows 265+ lbs of weight and since its armrests are attached to the back and the seat you can recline without worrying about falling.
  • The chair is made up of faux leather and has a breathable design that doesn’t let heat accumulate on the sides and back of the seat.

Durability Level of Songmics

Now when it comes to durability, this chair is made with great durability standards in mind, and it made to be tough and long-lasting. The chair supports great amount of weight as its wheelbase is wide and moving around in it seems weightless. What attracts the customers are the new levers under the seat that adjusts accordingly. Although it may not be the ultimate gaming chair it’s a good buy for its price. It provides satisfactory comfort –reclining up to 135 degrees. As a final verdict, Songmics gaming chair is a great option and has a reasonable price. Its easy to set up, durable and even has all the necessary features. A high-quality PU cover, a specialised frame and compression chamber and other additional features. This chair should definitely be considered when buying chairs under $200. In one line this product could be defined as a very decent product for it’s price.

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