How To Get Obsidian On The Island In Ark Survival Ascended – Full Guide

Ark Survival Rose is a challenging survival game where assets like Obsidian assume a vital part in your progression. In this article, we’ll investigate what Ark Survival Rose is, the significance of Obsidian, and how to obtain this important asset on The Island map.

How To Get Obsidian On The Island In Ark Survival Ascended

What is Ark Survival Rose?

Ark Survival Rose is an expansion of the well known survival game Ark: Survival Developed, providing players with a really challenging and rewarding experience. Understanding the context of the game is fundamental to see the value in the significance of assets like Obsidian.

What is Obsidian and Why is it Important?

Obsidian is a significant asset in Ark Survival Climbed, utilized for crafting different items, including progressed tools and designs. We’ll discuss why Obsidian is a urgent component in your survival process.

Where Can You Find Obsidian on The Island Guide?

Discover the locations where Obsidian can be found on The Island map. We’ll furnish you with important information on where to search for this asset.

How to Safely Gather Obsidian

Gathering Obsidian can be a risky undertaking in Ark Survival Rose. Figure out how to do so safely and really, avoiding risks and unfriendly animals all the while.

Tips for Using Obsidian in Ark Survival Rose

Obsidian can be utilized for different purposes. We’ll give tips on how to take advantage of this asset, including crafting progressed gear and fortifications.

Other Ways to Obtain Obsidian in the Game

While gathering Obsidian from its regular sources is the most common strategy, there might be elective ways to obtain this asset. We’ll investigate various roads for acquiring Obsidian in the game.

How To Get Obsidian On The Island In Ark Survival Ascended


In the conclusion, we’ll sum up the central issues discussed in the article and accentuate the significance of Obsidian in Ark Survival Climbed. By mastering its gathering and utilization, you’ll be better prepared to flourish in the challenging universe of The Island.

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