KIWI Design Head Strap Review

Those of you who read my Oculus Quest 2 review might recollect that I was exceptionally sure with regards to it, yet I raised two significant issues – the solace and the sound. The Kiwi Design Upgraded Elite Strap for Oculus Quest 2 settles practically every one of my issues with the solace aspect. The KIWI Design Head Strap Review is an outsider interpretation of the Oculus Elite Strap. With the authority form having been frequently answered to effectively break, investigating different choices is absolutely beneficial.

KIWI Design Head Strap Review

So we’ve covered a great deal of KIWI Design Head Strap Review frill for the Oculus Quest 2. They continuously get an undeniable degree of value the extras they make, so when I saw they had made their first VR head strap for the Oculus Quest 2, I needed to look at it.

In the case, you get the overhauled first class strap itself, which comes for the most part gathered, with its sidebar connections currently fitted. You additionally get a plastic and froth cushioned back cushion that appends onto within the fundamental strap, and the thick froth cushioned top strap is gaming is the new Big Tech battleground to the back of this head cushion. At last, there is a huge cleaning fabric and a guidance manual to direct you through the establishment interaction.


Establishment is exceptionally speedy and simple. KIWI Design Head Strap Review initial take the back cushion and clasp it into the two openings that are situated within the fundamental head strap. You then, at that point, eliminate any head straps you presently have on your Quest, and furthermore eliminate the facial point of interaction from the headset.

Then, at that point, connect the side arms of the head strap onto the side rails of the Quest 2 headset, and feed the thick top head strap back through the top strap circle on the headset. Then, at that point, reattach the facial point of interaction back on, and you’re all set.

Features, Fit & Function

KIWI design has taken the Official Elite Head Strap and they have upgraded it with various truly pleasant premium elements.

Above all else, the entire form quality feels truly pleasant. Significantly more strong than the authority Elite strap. The side arms, and side rail associations connect all around well and everything feels exceptionally strong. The back change dial turns without a hitch, and it doesn’t make any awful squeaking sounds or sound modest in any capacity.

The back cushion cuts in actually safely and the surface region is greater and more steady than the authority first class strap. There is additionally froth PU calfskin cushioning on the inward side, like the back cushioning of the BestWin radiance head cushion I reviewed as of late, which is thick and comfortable.

This entire back cushion is appended with KIWI Design Head Strap Review, and on eliminating this you notice that it’s utilizing great solid quality velcro, and you can likewise see that the top head strap is connected to this back velcro strip moreover. The back cushion is joined on top, to give the top strap some additional security.

Presently onto the top strap itself. This is the most agreeable top strap you will at any point wear. It’s loaded up with froth cushioning for additional solace, and afterward it tightens to thin velcro so you can go it through the front circle on the headset. This cushioned top strap, joined with the back froth cushioning makes this headset very agreeable to wear.


You can wear the head strap similarly as the authority Oculus Elite Strap, by setting the head strap over your head and fixing the dial at the back. Be that as it may, assuming you peer down the side rails of this head strap, you’ll see there is a round pivot point right at the mark of where headset side rails end, and where the inward speakers are. This is the place where KIWI Design Head Strap Review has added another incredible new component.

In that, you can turn the headset or the strap upwards 52-degrees. This is to the point of either keeping the back on the strap at the rear of your head and turn the headset upwards, to address somebody outside VR, take an eye break, or have a beverage. Or then again you can utilize this to put the headset all over first and pull the strap down to get it set up. Like how you would place on a radiance head strap. It’s a truly decent framework and it functions admirably. So well that I am astounded nobody had done this sooner.

The turn point doesn’t meddle to utilize another upward head side strap on this head strap, generally due to how it is all emphatically assembled and how close to the pivot point is to the headset.

KIWI Design Head Strap Review

Official Oculus Elite Strap, Who?

The back cushion is a lot greater than the Elite, so that makes it more steady for bigger heads. I estimated the length of my send off Elite Strap and the KIWI design Upgraded Elite Strap and I would agree that the Oculus strap is near .5 to 1cm more limited. So assuming you believe you really want simply 1cm all the more additional space for your melon, then, at that point, this strap is for you!

The size of the strap reflects the authority Elite strap very intently, so you shouldn’t have any issue getting it into any case that likewise upholds the authority Elite strap. Counting the authority Quest 2 convey case.

So generally this strap is excellent and if I somehow happened to set it facing the authority Oculus Elite Strap, I would suggest this strap from KIWI Design Head Strap Review, undoubtedly, as you get such a lot of extra for your cash.

Assuming you anticipate utilizing overhead headphones, you should know that the strap’s pivot focuses make the head strap become somewhat more extensive than the authority Elite Strap. This can push the headphone ear cups a lot further away on specific headphones with extremely enormous over ear cups. Both my SteelSeries Arctis 3 headset and Bost headphones fit JUST about with this head strap. You need to expand the headband considerably more than you would to make up for the thicker top strap at the top. However, I would agree that there is sufficient room underneath the side rails of the strap to fit medium-sized over ear cups.

Battery Packs Work

The back corona cushion likewise takes into consideration battery pack support. The internal velcro is really amazing, would it be advisable for you need to connect any battery straps to within the head cushion. I attempted the VR Power 2 with it, and it functioned admirably. I needed to utilize the internal velcro to connect it to the top strap, and the more modest straps were joined to within the back cushion velcro. The more extensive and thicker stop strap prevents the butterfly tabs from collapsing over or be gone through the circles, so I don’t have the foggiest idea how secure this is, however for less wild eyed ongoing interaction it should be fine.

Final Words – Buy It!

So there is a great deal to like regarding this strap. It resembles a shelter between the KIWI Design Head Strap Review and a Halo Strap. Like the Elite strap, it actually adds more face tension than a Halo would. So to contrast it and a Halo strap resembles contrasting apples with pears.

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