How to use computer games in education?

It is highly improbable that you, as parents, will have to say the phrase, “It’s all your computer games! The child did not remember the dishes, responded harshly to you on something, did not tidy up her room – all caused by fun, you will think. There’s a belief if the child has become aggressive, it is the fault of the toys. But these arguments are not always valid. This article will find for yourself the answer to whether computer games are awful for the child and whether there is something healthy in them in general. 
Indeed, the excessive time spent at the computer can cause dependence on children and adults. The same happens with other activities, from which people receive satisfaction. The problem is in the stimuli that affect the pleasure center of your brain. In other words, the brain remembers what you have enjoyed in the past few times and offers to create those feelings repeatedly. Many factors influence the emergence of playful dependence, including the lack of control by the parents, the self-discipline of the child, other desires, and so on. Also, a particular element of guilt, characteristic of games, leads to sobriety. The child’s insomnia and, as a result, grogginess, anxiety, and restlessness may be indicative of the growing dependence. 
 Another observation demonstrates that virtual games can show positive dynamics in different situations. For example, the Pokemon GO game with complementary reality helps encourage physical activity among those who do not like sports. For children who have undergone surgery, the handheld game was more helpful in relieving pre-surgery anxiety than a dose of sedatives. And such classic puzzles as Tetris or Bejeweled reduce depression and stress and even prevent bad memories after the traumatic events.
You can look at the computer games as potential work in the future. In the world are highly valued computer developers. On a single match is a whole team of talented people: artists, sound designers, screenwriters, programmers, game designers, and producers. So if you feel your kid has a talent in this field – find a tutor so it won’t get lost in the educational process. There are a lot of services that offer help with python homework and online tutoring on the individual academic plan. 
There is a perception that vigorous computer games cause aggression in children. But the study by Texas scientists did not find this connection. The study was conducted on 165 young people actively playing violent video games. The children, who had committed violence against others in real life, also experienced actual violence at the hands of their relatives. And other gamers, whose families were doing well, did not experience violence in their lives. This does not mean we can give total freedom to choose the child in computer games, but initially, putting the cross on them is not worth it. After all, the gaming discord affects other social factors, which parents are responsible for respecting. You can play non-competitive and non-violent games with your children to help build understanding. 
If you do not abuse computer games, you can avoid negative consequences and gain some benefits. As we know, the correct work with the computer develops the fine motor skills of the hands, coordination of movements, and abstract thinking. According to research by the Rochester Center for Neuroimaging, people are more likely to acquire new sensory skills when they play shooter games than those who do not play them at all. The speed of reaction increases, which many scientists also note. For example, in the 1990s, the reaction speed of 200 ms was average for a typical child, but now, due to computerization, the reaction time has become shorter – 120 ms. The tests show that a child who plays jokes for children has a faster but no less accurate reaction time.

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