How to Unlock TC-14 in Lego Star Wars

This article is about How to unlock TC-14 in Lego Star Wars. All things considered, for most characters you can unlock them in one of two different ways, either by completing a mission in the mission or purchasing them with Studs in the event that they are a side person who doesn’t play a vital job in any of the movies or occasions that occur in the Skywalker Saga. However, each character costs an alternate sum so you will need to know what number Studs you really want to put down.

How to unlock TC-14 in Lego Star Wars

Beneath you can find out how to unlock each person in Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga and which level they come from or how much cash you should spend to unlock them in Free Play and then some.

How to Unlock TC-14 in Lego Star Wars

For TC-14, you’ll have to venture out to Theed on Naboo and complete Episode I: The Phantom Menace. After you’ve done that, the side mission Mysterious Endeavor will be accessible for you to find north of the Theed Hangar. You can get it by speaking with TC-14 as Protocol Droid.

After accepting the journey, you’ll be coordinated to go to another area, to the south of this area, to talk with numerous NPCs with green discourse rises over their heads. Subsequent to speaking with three of them, you’ll have to go to where you’ll meet a strange figure who dropped off TC-14 at their present area.

However, they toss a smoke bomb down on the ground and take off. You’ll have to catch them to realize what occurs. You catch this individual by shooting at them with a blaster or using a lightsaber to bring down their wellbeing. After they arrive at nothing, they’ll go to a particular area, and you can talk with them.

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How It Works

Make a beeline for this area and talk with TC-14. She gives you the side journey Mysterious Endeavor. Straightforward mission. Talk with TC-14 again then talk with all the ! symbol NPCs nearby. You’ll need to pursue down a person. Utilize went assaults to wear him out until he stops.

How To Unlock Fode and Beed (Extra)

To unlock this Side Mission you really want to Travel to Naboo, Travel to Takodana Maz’s Castle, and Travel to Yavin 4 – Great Temple. Whenever you have finished those prerequisites head to this area, into the Scholar’s Residence and complete the side mission Ancient Idols.


Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is finally here after a few deferrals and there is a ton of content to investigate and gather, including a few secret characters.

How to unlock TC-14 in Lego Star Wars

As you’d anticipate from a Lego game, there are one of a kind searches for each character customizing their plan with various Lego pieces. While a great deal of these can be gained through playing the game, some are just open through other ways.

How to unlock Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga characters

While looking at the person records in the Characters menu, any person symbol that has been completely uncovered implies it’s a person you have unlocked and can play as. Assuming the symbol is an outline, that implies you want to pay a few Studs to unlock them – select the person to see many Studs they cost to purchase.

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