How to get Hay Day free Diamonds and Coins [Guide]

This article is about How to get Hay Day free Diamonds and Coins. Hay Day is a free portable game for iOS and Android that places you accountable for a little family ranch. You can develop crops, raise animals, and develop the best ranch out there. All that you do requires some investment however, which is the way the engineer, Supercell, can bring in cash on this kind of allowed to-play game.

In case you would rather not trust that your yields will get done with developing, or your structures to complete development, you can surge finishing of pretty much anything in the game with a superior cash called Diamonds that Supercell sells as an in-application buy for genuine cash.


Instructions to get free Diamonds

Since diamonds are obviously so valuable in Hay Day, the vast majority of the significant cheats, hacks, exploits, and tips rotate around getting diamonds without getting them in the in-application store. There are additionally a ton of significant procedures you can use to acquire coins, which are the other in-game cash that is needed to put new structures, purchase new animals, and design your ranch.

Regardless of whether you’re a city slicker new off the truck or a true blue green thumb with a wonderful ranch as of now available to you, we’ve assembled probably the best data out there to assist you with getting your hands on free diamonds and take advantage of Hay Day without paying a lot of cash.

The most effective method to get free Coins in Hay Day

Hoping to get Diamonds in Hay Day free of charge? Look no further, we have the best tips and deceives for you here.

Hay Day has been around beginning around 2012, but it is by all accounts increasingly more well known each week. That is in no little part down to the way that designer Supercell is continually chipping away at new updates for the game. Indeed, it at this point don’t just covers ranches, despite the fact that you should get your homestead set ready for action before you can chip away at different components of Hay Day, similar to The Town, or Derby Leagues.

The most ideal method for dashing through the early pieces of the game is through utilizing Diamonds, Hay Day’s exceptional cash, and it’s not simply utilized for speeding things up, you can likewise utilize it to expand the quantity of things that your manufacturing plants and handling structures can chip away at on the double. Not ready to line up sufficient Cow Feed? Purchase one more space for certain Diamonds.

In case you are searching for buddies you can play Hay Day with, look at our Hay Day companion codes article and leave your code!

Yet, you’re here in light of the fact that you need to realize how to get Diamonds for nothing, and for reasons unknown, there are a great deal of ways of getting yourself a portion of those valuable, sparkly stones. You can also know How to get Homescapes free Coins and Stars from here. We’ve organized these by the level that you’ll should be in-game, in light of the fact that, things being what they are, a portion of these techniques are gated behind structures and opens.

Try not to Use Hacks

In all actuality there are no authentic wellsprings of Hay Day hacking codes, modest diamonds, safe diamonds, or anything of the sort.

A great deal of instructional exercises out there will request that you download a program, complete a study, or incorporate your Hay Day login data, and give free diamonds as a trade off.

Watch Advertisements

One method for getting free diamonds in Hay Day is by watching the commercials that are shown in the game. When incited to watch a promotion, you should watch it.

Ads for games are regularly 30 seconds to a short lived. Whenever you have watched the ad, you are compensated with free diamonds.

Interface Your Facebook Account

One more method for getting free diamonds in Hay Day is by connecting your Facebook record to the game. By connecting your record, Hay Day will remunerate you with free diamonds. Additionally, you can likewise then impart your updates and progress to companions.

Last Tip

There are a small bunch of Hay Day victories that honor things like ranch beautifications. Most of the accomplishments each have three levels, which guarantees that you will procure free diamonds a sum of multiple times when you meet the objective of each level.

For instance, in the wake of finishing your initial 20 truck conveyances, you get one precious stone. From that point onward, you ought to hope to get two diamonds after 500 conveyances, and three diamonds after 2,000. It may appear to be a great deal of activities, yet in case you exploit all our high level tips and deceives, you’ll arrive in the blink of an eye.

In the event that you figure out how to finish each and every accomplishment in the game, you’ll end up with an aggregate of 465 free diamonds. Try not to squander any of them dashing through crops!

Hay Day Diamonds That Actually Work

Highlighting complex methodologies, time sensitive difficulties and bountiful measure of assets the executives, cultivating on Hay Day can be exceptionally tedious. It’d require hours for you to keep an eye on domesticated animals and plant crops and assuming you’re not prudent enough, you’d end up spending huge loads of Diamonds and Coins on in-application buys.

This is the place where Hay Day hack comes in to play. Presently rather than the generators out there which requests your own data for phishing intentions, we will unwind the best tips and deceives to utilize i.e in the event that you’re hoping to get free Diamonds and Coins in Hay Day without downloading any infection manipulated application.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune isn’t anything under a roulette on wheels. Consistently, this truck with a monster roulette on its back will leave itself close to your post box. You get one free twist each day. In case you are fortunate, you may get a few diamonds. In case karma chooses not to lean toward you, you may wind up with a carrot pie.


When you hit level 6, you will open this long plan for the day. It has a few accomplishments identified with the game (for example, updating something to even out 30 or eliminating 50 snags). At the point when you wrap up these responsibilities, you get diamonds.

Wrapping Up

So these are the best Hay Day hack that really work. Another thing however, we emphatically urge you to spend your diamonds carefully and furthermore attempt to peruse the paper since it can create additional cash for you.

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