How to Find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark

This article is about How to find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark. Clearing strikes and earning awards from them is an imperative piece of players’ movement in Lost Ark. One such assault that players can endeavor week after week is the Ghost Ship attack. Basically, three Ghost Ships show up week by week on the guide at a decent area, and players can clear the mission to procure a few sweet rewards.

How to Find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark

Assuming you open your guide while sailing, you’ll see three ships that nearly line up upward on the west side of the guide. These are the place where you can find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark.

How to find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark


Actually, you can see Ghost Ships once you open Procyon’s Compass, which occurs around when you open sailing.

The three ships have thing level necessities that you’ll have to hit before you can truly cause any harm there. They’re as per the following:

  • Bad dream Ghost Ship: 460
  • Shadow Ghost Ship: 960
  • Whirlwind Ghost Ship: 1,370

All Ghost Ship areas

In spite of the fact that Ghost Ship strikes permit players to procure sweet rewards, they can very test. When you reach almost a Ghost Ship, a cutscene will show up, and you can board the boat of death after it.

Inside the assault fight, you want to overcome a crowd of adversaries before the main manager brings forth. The general battle can be exceptionally precarious, so come ready. Furthermore, there is a period limit for each assault, and disappointment in defeating each adversary within the given time frame will bring about a bombed attack.

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This is the potential plunder you can get from a ghost transport:

  • Unbound Destruction Stones
  • Unbound Guardian Stones
  • Bound Training Auxiliary Materials
  • Ilyakhan Legendary Card
  • Chivalrous Seal Book
  • Incredible Seal Book

Where to find Nightmare, Shadow, and Tempest Ghost Ships

As shown above, Ghost Ships are marked on the guide with a little dark vessel image indicating Nightmare Ghost Ships generate North of the Sea of Procyon, Shadow Ghost Ships show up East of Feiton, lastly, Tempest Ghost Ships spring up Southeast of Punika.

Remember these ships just generate once like clockwork, so it might take a great deal of persistence to find one.

After you in all actuality do find a Ghost Ship, we suggest that you prepare Eibern’s Wound boat, and enlist group individuals with the Fighter: Ghost Ship capacity. While this isn’t fundamental it will help you in fight and make the occasion simpler.

Where Do You Find Ghost Ships?

The main thing you really want to be familiar with Ghost Ships is that they just generate each modest bunch of hours at the top of the hour. That intends that there will be times when you’re parked on the specific place where a Ghost Ship can ultimately generate yet will not interact with it until it really does.

In the first place, you’ll have to open the capacity to really cruise a boat in Lost Ark. That ought to happen not long after you complete the Wavestrand Port questline (which rewards you with your first boat and sends you out to the ocean). You’ll likewise have to get your personality’s thing level up to 460, which is a mark you will not have the option to hit until you’ve taken part in a couple of Chaos Dungeons and raised your thing level through honing.

How to find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark

Area and plunder

When you’re into the Tier 2 substance, you can go head to head against the Shadow Ghost Ship. The Lost Ark Shadow Ghost transport works ins a comparative way as its ancestor.

The Lost Ark Shadow Ghost transport rewards are additionally like the Nightmare Ghost Ship. Albeit, this boat instead gives you T2 honing gear, alongside T2 honing gear achievement possibility, alongside more excellent class and fight engraving books. You want to have a thing level of 960 to challenge this boat, and that implies you tolerably advanced through level 2 substance.


Before you think about finding the Lost Ark Ghost Ships, it merits making sure you have hit the trigger that opens them. It’s implied that you really want admittance to the Lost Ark ships, and will likewise have to support your prepared thing level to 460. Lost Ark Harmony Shards are expected for this, however there are still a few additional rules for unlocking Ghost Ships.

Your boat should arrive at level two from partaking in A New Voyage and Wall of Procyon, which are journeys that can be begun by talking to the Queen of North Vern, which is a northern continent. Subsequently, you can head out for the Rohendel continent, which opens a ton more final stage content, and, obviously, Ghost Ships.

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