How to Find the Black Box in Salt Bite in Horizon Forbidden West

In this article we will show you How to find the Black Box in Salt Bite in Horizon Forbidden West. This Black Box is found in the Salt Bite Settlement, which is situated at the Southern bank of the enormous lake in that space.

Situated in the settlement of Salt Bite, at the South-Western corner of the lake. This is an exceptionally simple Black Box to miss on the grounds that its symbol is concealed alongside the wide range of various action symbols in the town when you zoom out adequately far, all supplanted with the nonexclusive settlement symbol.

How to find the Black Box in Salt Bite in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Find the Black Box in Salt Bite in Horizon Forbidden West

Stowed away in this little settlement is a Black Box. To find it, you want to find the building with the tracker dealer in it. While the building probably won’t resemble a lot, it is really a plane. In the rear of the plane, you will see a vent that you can pull open. Utilize your pullcaster to open the vent. The shopkeep probably won’t care for it, yet assuming you move back through the vent, you will find the Black Box on the other side. You should go to the rear of the plane to find it.

Horizon Forbidden West Black Boxes

  • Before you find them, Black Boxes show up as “Unidentified Signals” and there are 12 Black Boxes in Horizon Forbidden West to find, however some require more exertion than others.
  • While finding one Black Box will provide you with the area of another some place all through the Forbidden West, they’re not uncovered in request.
  • Here are the areas of each Black Box in Horizon Forbidden West, as well as how you need to get it.

Where do I take the Black Boxes in Horizon Forbidden West?

Whenever you have visited the seat of the Tenakth pioneer at the Memorial Grove, you approach a trader in the exhibition hall who will exchange Black Boxes for intriguing machine parts.

After you’ve conveyed the Black Boxes as a whole, you get an extreme prize which is definitely worth laying your hands on since it’s incredible for dealing with Arena difficulties and tough late-game foes.

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The Whitewatch Peaks

Move up the mountain divider east of the Black Box symbol on the guide. You can examine for climbable edges with :r3: which will feature them in yellow. At the mountaintop you find the Black Box under some rubble. Utilize the pullcaster :l2: + :triangle: > hold :r2: to pull the rubble away.

How to find the Black Box in Salt Bite in Horizon Forbidden West

Jagged Deep

Found in a submerged plane wreck. Should plunge down, get into the entryway, swim in the plane to get the black box. In the event that your breath doesn’t hold sufficiently long, you open the infinite breath capacity in Main Quest 11: The Sea of Sands.

The Promontory

This plane expects you to insert a battery close to the entryway. The battery is track down only a couple of steps east of the plane (around 15 meters), close to a piece heap. You can examine for it with :r3: . Insert it at the entryway, then you can make the way for enter the plane. Inside you find a metal bloom, you really want the Vine Cutter to annihilate it (automatically opened in Main Quest 12: Seeds of the Past). Behind the vines is the black box. In the event that you don’t have the vine shaper yet, you should propel the story and return later.

The Memorial Grove

While you could possibly find black boxes from the beginning in The Daunt, you won’t have the option to do anything with them until you arrive at The Memorial Grove in the focal point of the guide. In the seventh Main Quest “The Broken Sky,” you’ll meet a Tenakth lady named Untalla in The Memorial Grove. She’ll explain what the black boxes are and why they’re vital to her clan.

Black Box journey

Horizon Forbidden West elements 12 Black Boxes. Every one is situated among the leftovers of a crashed plane, and every one will give a sound recording that catches the discussion from each plane’s last flight. It’s essential to take note of that certain stuff is expected for a few Black Boxes, like the Vine Cutter and Diving Mask, and it’s ideal to have opened trip to make things a lot simpler on yourself. Therefore, my idea is to finished the main story prior to worrying regarding this.

  • The Diving Mask is helpful for no less than one Black Box
  • The Vine Cutter is more considerable length of time Boxes
  • Being ready to fly is convenient and makes this a lot simpler
  • Before you get wild about tracking down every one of the Black Boxes, you’ll need to advance through the main story until you’ve arrived at The Memorial Grove, and afterward finished the related main journeys around it. This will give you admittance to talk with Untalla, who will give you the Black Box mission.

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