How to Defeat Azeos the Sky Titan in Core Keeper

This article is about How to defeat Azeos the Sky Titan in Core Keeper. In the first place, you’ll need to create the Ancient Hologram Pod from the Hive Mother sculpture in the Core. Then, put the Ancient Hologram Pod down on the ground some place safe. This will bring forth a visualization that sells two things, one of which is the Azeos the Sky Titan Scanner.

This Scanner requires a thing you probably won’t as yet have experienced: Ancient Feathers. Luckily, you can find these on the ground in Azeos‘ Wilderness. Basically search for hued feathers on the ground and right-click them to get them; you’ll require 10 in total to create the Scanner.

How to Defeat Azeos the Sky Titan in Core Keeper

At the point when players make another world and initially start Core Keeper, they before long find that the nominal core associates itself to three managers. The player is verifiably entrust with slaying these three supervisors, and is written into the innermost piece of the guide a strong divider until they do.

When the three have slain, however, and the core has fuel, the player is then consequently entrust with tracking and slaying three extra supervisors – this time, past the divider that had confined them in. The primary biome past that divider – the rich, flower Azeos’ Wilderness – holds the refuge of the eponymous Azeos the Sky Titan.

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Coming down to perch

Azeos, a free bird, doesn’t stay close by the guide voluntarily, not at all like the past three supervisors who each lay generally lethargic in their nests. While he has a “sanctuary” of sorts – an open-idea, feather-embellished cave with minimal accessible floor space – he likes to remain airborne until brought by a brilliant, reference point like item.

Glurch the Abominous Mass

Glurch is found very near your starting point. As you investigate further from the Core you’ll incidentally hear a far off thudding. That implies you’re near Glurm. Search for regions with high convergences of orange oozes, and he will undoubtedly be close by in an enormous chamber.

Glurch is a major mass with a leaping assault, a piece like Spelunky’s Olmec, and when you get within a couple of squares of him he’ll spring into the air and attempt to arrive on you. He’s fit for smashing through strong stone, so don’t think ducking into a passage will save you. All things considered, on the off chance that you escape far enough away he’ll withdraw back to his starting spot.


Azeos the Sky Titan Scanner can utilize to find its situation on the guide. It generates around 600 tiles from the core at an irregular point, or 1.15 times longer range than the incredible divider. A monster bird shadow should be visible passing by sporadically.

To generate or respawn Azeos, place Large Shiny Glimmering Object.pngLarge Shiny Glimmering Object anyplace in the field. You could need to hang tight as long as 30 minutes for its shadow to return before you can respawn it. The article can  made by talking to the Spirit Merchant that seems while placing Ancient Hologram Pod.pngAncient Hologram Pod on the ground.


Supervisors are foes that comprise of a numerous stage battle, and have a lot of wellbeing. Managers every so often open NPCs and/or have uncommon drops that can be valuable for the player. Supervisors as of right presently can’t be respawn normally, and when a manager is kill you are expect to either call the manager again using a Summoning Idol from the Caveling Merchant, or go to another world.

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