How to complete Cauldron: Mu in Horizon Forbidden West

This article we will show you how to complete Cauldron: Mu in Horizon Forbidden West. Situated to the northwest of Stone’s Edge, Cauldron MU is the main cauldron you find in Horizon Forbidden West. Like all Cauldrons in the game, when you complete this Cauldron you will actually want to supersede a select number of machines.

For a complete rundown of all suitable machine supersedes and mounts, make certain to look at our MU Cauldron Rewards segment or bounce straight into our walkthrough beneath.

How to complete Cauldron: Mu in Horizon Forbidden West

How to complete Cauldron: Mu in Horizon Forbidden West

The final room in the Cauldron holds one Widemaw that you can see. When you interact with the abrogate point, it will drop down, and you’ll have to battle it. Not long after you begin to fight the Widemaw, a subsequent one will join the battle. You really want to overcome the two machines to complete the Cauldron. These machines have a flimsy part at the rear of their throat that you can hit when they play out their vacuum assault. You can likewise detach the containers on their backs to bargain harm.

Whenever you’ve killed both Widemaws, interact with the final abrogate point to open the capacity to supersede Burrowers, Scroungers, Grazers, Scrappers, Call your Mount in Horizon Forbidden West, Fanghorns, and Widemaws. You’ll have the chance to abrogate a Scrapper when you leave the Cauldron.

Utilize corrosive to battle the Shell-Walker

A Shell-Walker monitors the way near the final room in the Cauldron. You can sneak past it using steam from the close by vents, yet it’s more rewarding to fight it and guarantee some plunder from its container. Using corrosive will take care of the machine. It’s likewise worth aiming for its hands and the coupling holding its container to get some reward harm from tearing off parts.

Ride the Cables Down

Go ahead and take hold of a link that you will ride down. Bounce down to the following link and afterward down to the final link. The excursion will take a brief period, however when you get as far as possible, there will be a stage that you can drop down to. Beneath your will be two Burrowers.

Drop down and deal with the machines. You could utilize Strike from A higher place in the event that the primary Burrower is adequately close to you. Take the incline to one side up and overcome the second Burrower. Abrogate the Network Uplink to one side. This will broaden a scaffold that will permit you to cross the hole.

Ride the Metal Carriers

Pass through the yellow-lit entryway before you. Then, at that point, go right and up the slope. Go squarely into the lit entry and supersede the Cauldron entryway. In this room, there will be a hole between the stage you’re on and the stage you really want to get to. Go left and utilize the catch point to get to a higher stage. From here you can hop onto the metal transporters that are coming down a link line. Before you do, go to the edge of the stage and you will see two Scroungers on the far stage. You can shoot them down from where you are at on the off chance that you decide to.

How Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron and Overrides work

Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron allows you to abrogate the machines on the planet once you complete them. That normally involves a great deal of climbing riddles to arrive at the core of a Cauldron, and frequently a manager battle toward the end. Your award, however, will be the capacity to assume responsibility for machines you find on the planet. (You’ll need to creep up inconspicuous or take a stab when they’re dazed.) Generally, any machine you supersede will battle for you in a fight, yet just the following can be utilized as mounts to ride about on:

  • Charger
  • Clawstrider
  • Bristleback
  • Sunwing

How to complete Cauldron: Mu in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Cauldrons: areas

This one shouldn’t be elusive. As it’s a main story mission, the game will guide you right to it. There’s no compelling reason to find it. You’ll be shown it when you arrive at the mission. All things considered, for reference, it is only west of the Plainsong Settlement

Cauldron MU is one of the more direct in the game. This, similar to TAU, is a reasonably swamp standard cauldron. You’ll need to battle off certain machines en route, yet it’s nothing too tough assuming you are around level 18.

There is some precarious business around jumping from enormous, swinging robot arms that can make for some abnormal platforming. All things considered, it’s genuinely clear and you ought to have the option to simply bounce on through.

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