How to change PSN Avatar on PlayStation – Own Picture (Guide)

The use of imagery for gamers to voice themselves to the rest of the gaming community is something really valuable and this can be done by changing the avatar to your own profile picture. Even though it is not the most important thing about the gaming console, it does play a part. It gets even better when you have the option to create a custom image using any picture you prefer keeping in mind the limitations of good taste and social accountability. This is guide on how to create custom profile pictures on Play Station.

When it comes to online persona in Play Station, your avatar is one of the earliest things that is noticed by other players. Luckily, Play Station permits you to change your avatars as you desire and even change it to your own picture.

There is one of the greatest collections of exclusive games by a wide range on Play Station. You can create a custom profile picture and only those you have provided access to your real name will be able to see it. Creating custom profile pictures on the console can only be done with the Play Station app. The app is available for both android and iOS.

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How to change PSN Avatar

How To Change Your PSN Profile Image

Steps to follow

  • Download the app on your respective mobile phone.
  • Open the app and insert in your credentials to log in to your PSN account
  • On the lower right click on the account icon
  • Then click ‘edit profile’
  • Tap on ‘change profile picture’ in the drop-down menu
  • You will be presented with a new list of different options.
  • Tap ‘change picture’
  • Choose your desired picture from your gallery and edit if you want
  • Once done you can tap save and yes

How to change your PSN profile imageNow that you have learnt what to do, creating custom profile pictures on Play Station is quite straightforward. It is also a pleasant experience to see yourself represented by your own picture rather than some avatar. Even though not everyone can see your profile picture, you can choose the people you want to see your picture. While Waiting For Sony to decide to make well-deserved UI changes, we are stuck with the only way to change picture that is by downloading the app.

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