How to Cap FPS in Apex Legends Steam

In this article e will show you How to Cap FPS in Apex Legends Steam. With this speedy aide, you will actually want to eliminate or draw your FPS line for Apex Legends. This is in a perfect world valuable in circumstances where you are finding it difficult to maintain a steady Frame rate.

This can make your game jitter. That in turn can affect your general exhibition in the game. Since Apex Legends is exceptionally serious, all of Stable FPS matters. The standard edge cap is 144 fps, however you can set this to your ideal FPS in the wake of reading this aide.

How to Cap FPS in Apex Legends Steam

In Apex Legends, outline rate can affect a player’s possibilities winning games. In request to consummate a flick fired with an expert rifleman or shotgun and track an adversary without missing a projectile, a high edge rate is significant. Because of this, all proficient Apex players endeavor to have set ups that can create high edge rates no matter what.

How to Cap FPS in Apex Legends Steam


Open SteamGo to Library and right snap on Apex Legends drop down rundown will show a couple of choices. Click on PropertiesLocate the Launch Options field in General Properties IN that field type +fps_max <required outline rate>For model, to cap the casing rate at 200 casings each second, then, at that point, the code would be +fps_max 200

So with Apex going to Steam, is there a method for capping FPS?

Since in Origin you can go to a game’s properties and power a FPS cap with +fps_max 0.
I really want a FPS cap if not FreeSync won’t work and I have terrible screen tearing, steams send off Origin or will the cross-progress work every minute of every day, as in, when you sign in on steam you can play on one or the other steam/origin at whatever point you need as they’re presently linked and progress continues for both simultaneously, in which case Origin won’t have to send off and I probably won’t have a FPS cap without installing some outsider application.

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How To Set/Remove FPS Cap

As a matter of first importance Click on Library and find/Find Apex Legends. Presently Right-click on it and go to Properties. How you want to treat Set send off choices according to your likings. Compose the order : +fps_max 0.
This implies that you are using the order for limitless edge rates for Apex Legends. Assuming your framework can deal with it, you should now run the game at the most elevated casings that are upheld by your monitor.

Apex Legends at 60FPS Cap

The order line you need to use here is +fps_max 60. This will set the order for a restricted 60 fps which is additionally called “capping outline rates”.
I would propose that you do this setting on the off chance that you can’t change it from in-game. You can likewise utilize this to change the settings from the in-game menu again and again.

How to Uncap FPS


  • Open your Games Library.
  • Right snap on Apex Legends.
  • Select “Properties… “.
  • Select “Set Launch Options”.
  • Type “+fps_max Unlimited” this can likewise be “+fps_max 200” for a particular breaking point.

Send off Apex Legends and Enjoy.

Though most gamers will presumably be trying to get however many casings as feasible, capping one’s framerate brings about extra reliable body instances and less presentation tearing. Apex Legends gamers have the adaptability to cap their FPS pretty essentially. This element is scarcely out there for PC gamers and never for console gamers.

How to restrict FPS in Apex Legends

Today’s GPUs are capable of running match-ups like Apex Legends at a lot higher casing rate than the current edge rate limit. Players can set another casing rate cap on both Steam and Origin by following these means. Prior to changing the edge rate cap, the game should be shut to get to the send off choices.

How to Cap FPS in Apex Legends Steam

Get uncapped FPS on Apex Legends without enabling V-Sync

To ensure you have no FPS cap in Apex Legends, you want to add an order line to Apex Legends’ send off choices in Steam and Origin.

  • Close Apex Legends (you can’t change send off choices in the event that the game is running).
  • Open Origin or Steam.
  • Go to your Game Library and right-click on Apex Legends
  • Click the ‘Game Properties’ choice on Origin.
  • In the event that on Steam, pick ‘Properties’.
  • Explore to the Advanced Launch Options (Origin)/General (Steam) tab on your favored stage.
  • Under Command line contentions (Origin) or Launch Options (Steam), type: +fps_max limitless

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