High on Life Poison The Water Side Quest

High On Life conveys gaming shocks that will startle numerous players with regards to specific decisions. Blim City and the other universes are home to exceptional NPCs and occasions where business as usual and peculiarity humorously mix together. In that context, you could run into High on Life Poison The Water, another NPC in the game who gives the Poison the Water side quest. He wishes to alter the Blim City sewer framework, in this manner requiring your guide. He gives us pieces of information on where to go and what to do, yet how we in all actuality do approach finishing the target completely?

Assuming you are searching for how to finish the High On Life Poison The Water side quest, there are a few things that you should initially be aware of. Continue to peruse our aide as we make sense of the entire Poison the Water side quest thing that you get from a NPC in the Blim City.

As players continue their excursion all through the universe of High on Life, they’ll gradually begin to get more familiar with the city where they’ve regarded themselves as abandoned. One of the additional intriguing characters that players might experience is Gary the Poisoner, a person found looking into their home to watch anything film is playing on the television.

However, gamers have wound up adhered with regards to his request. In the wake of confronting and addressing Gary, players are placed on an errand to track down the sewers, enter a password, snatch a thing, and make a beeline for the Defeat Nipulan High On Life to begin poisoning the water. Be that as it may, where are these specific locations, and how do gamers finish this? How about we find out.

Finish Poison the Water in High On Life

There is no real way to High on Life Poison The Water quest, since it doesn’t exist. Gary the Poisoner imparts to you his vindictive plans with the location of the sewers and a password during the Dr. Giblets abundance. Only then could you at any point talk with him again by finishing the aforementioned abundance and chatting with Gary for the last time. Eventually, he illuminates you that the entire arrangement is off. It was totally supportive of a smidgen of meta-humor.

From the leap, we can as of now consider Gary the Poisoner to be a dubious person. He’s in a real sense remaining behind our home, looking through the front room window while Quality and Lizzie watch films. Upon moving toward him, he tells you to not let out the slightest peep in regards to his arrangements. Then, as you continue with the exchange, he’ll fundamentally spread out a questline for you to follow.

However, something is wrong here with Gary’s tricky laughs and muddled directions not seeming to be OK. Exhaust his exchange to ultimately reveal the outcome of all of this, which prompts literally nothing. Gary advises us to return 10 years for further updates, however believing him as of now is hard.

In contrast to the other experiences in High On Life, like Globo and the Moplets, this one prompts comical frustration. The whole experience is a poke at computer game side quests that you just haphazardly find – something that Gary mentions during his fun loving exchange.

Where to find the Sewer Entry

High on Life Poison The Water

However much we believed that this should be a High on Life Poison The Water, incidentally, Gary the Poisoner is simply sending players on a totally pointless pursuit. He just made up this plot to most likely get us away from him so he could return to peeping through house windows. You can judge by the manner in which he smothers his snicker as he mentions the insights regarding this “8-hour content”. At the point when you attempt to visit him again after some time later, he will let you know that he has rejected the arrangement of poisoning the city water.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that the devs would pull something like this off as the game is immersed with these fourth-wall-breaking humor and meta critique about the actual game and, surprisingly, on the players. Yet, with how the mystery finishing worked out and how much players who attempted the game, it’s anything but an implausible plan to see this “side quest” become and genuine thing in a DLC or even in the implied spin-off.

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