Genshin Impact: The Healer Tier List And Tips For Using Them

In this, Genshin Impact: The Healer Tier List And Tips For Using Them. Genshin Impact: The Healer Tier List And Tips For Using Them. There is a ton of talk in the Genshin Impact people group about what characters are awesome and the way in which each character positions against the opposition. DPS, or Damage Per Second, characters are in many cases given the most noteworthy measure of regard in such manner. However, likewise filling a generally required specialty, healers ought to be given considerably more thought than other situations in a group.

Genshin Impact: The Healer Tier List And Tips For Using Them

Genshin Impact: The Healer Tier List And Tips For Using Them

Barbara is the most devoted healer in Genshin Impact, so this tier list is her opportunity to excel. Both her basic ability and burst furnish mind blowing mending with not very many drawbacks. Let the Show Begin♪ continually mends while purging status impacts. Sparkling Miracle♪ is pound-for-pound the best recuperating burst in the game. Extraordinary holler to her group of stars six, which completely resuscitates a fallen party part.

Her more established sister Jean comes just after her. Jean’s just wellspring of mending is her natural burst, Dandelion Breeze. It hugely recuperates each part in the party on actuation, yet the mending doesn’t stop there. Dandelion Field consistently discredits status impacts while recuperating the dynamic person. Its long length and strong recuperating make it rival Barbara’s burst for best mending capacity in the game.

Characters That Are Healers In Nature

Healer characters support their group Angry Birds Journey Coins through their abilities that can mend their party. They can likewise be Support and Healer at that point, however far-fetched to fundamental DPS in light of the fact that the Healer construct is frequently doesn’t uphold harm.


Of the multitude of characters you’ll experience, Sangonomiya Kokomi is one of the most significant. She serves the job of Divine Priestess and is answerable for the undertakings of everybody on Watatsumi Island, meaning to keep them cheerful and satisfied.

Kokomi’s capacities are intriguing in that they help other party individuals while additionally adding to the fight. She controls the Hydro component which she can use to convey a combo of assaults to one foe or different in the encompassing region. Her mending comes as a brought being that recuperates party individuals and can likewise bargain harm to foes.

Kokomi and Bennett are the best Genshin Impact healers

The first is privileg archon Bennett. The four-star unit is as of now probably the best help in Genshin Impact on account of Fantastic Voyage. The huge harm buff alone puts him at the highest point of the help tier list, however his recuperating ought not be ignored. The natural burst rapidly recuperates the dynamic unit up to 70% wellbeing. Indeed, even without recuperating extra relics, Fantastic Voyage can rapidly mend up most of the party while greatly supporting harm yield. Rate based mends are uncommon, appreciate to such an extent that neglected piece of Bennett’s pack.

Genshin Impact: The Healer Tier List And Tips For Using Them


The best healer on this list is likely the “privileged Pyro Archon” Bennett. Because of his incredible Elemental Burst, Bennett is view as probably the best healer in the game. Assuming the wellbeing of a person inside the AoE is equivalent to or falls underneath 70%, their wellbeing will consistently recover. How much HP reestablished scales off Bennett’s Max HP.


Genshin Impact’s Diona’s recuperate is attach to her essential burst, Signature Mix, which makes a Drunken Mist field that bargains steady cryo harm and, at rising four, diminishes the assault of adversaries, while additionally mending party individuals inside its area of impact. She likewise offers a few decent buffs to the assault speed and endurance utilization of characters safeguarded by her Icy Paws ability through her latent, Cat’s Tail Secret Menu.

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