Best Deconstructor Prime Build 2021 [Full Guide]

This guide is about Best Deconstructor Prime Build. This Deconstructor Prime Build will acquaint you with sentinels, contrast them and give you and involved forms. Sentinels are the most established and most flexible gathering of Warframe’s 26 distinct friends. They are astonishing vehicles for utility and warframe assurance. With Taxon you get perhaps the best sentinel right off the bat in the game yet you should change to a superior sentinel in your late game.

The Deconstructor is the weapon of Helios, the sentinel that not just has a prepared rendition (and therefor can utilize both the ordinary Deconstructor and the Deconstructor Prime), yet in addition accompanies some pleasant utility mods. The actual weapon includes a decent base harm, a quick shot speed, an awesome status possibility and furthermore is remarkable in the manner that you do have to utilize scuffle mods and not essential or even optional weapon mods.

Another exceptional part about the Deconstructor is the way that it has a basic possibility of nothing, which implies preparing any basic possibility or basic harm mod is pointless. So in the event that you consider building and utilizing the sentinel weapon, you are as of now secured into utilizing it for the most part with the very great status possibility and work around that.

Goodness, and you ought to presumably realize that you are simply ready to utilize the Change Your Display name in valorant (or its prepared rendition) with Helios (or its prepared variant) and not with some other sentinel friend. From the start, Helios and Helios Prime, being the lone ones ready to prepare the Deconstructor (Prime) Sentinel weapon, appear to resemble some other Sentinel. Its statute mods are helpful however not overpowering so what might be said about Helios, the Deconstructor and Critical Hits?

What do Helios and the Deconstructor do?

Deconstructor Prime Build


Coming right forthright, the Deconstructor Prime Build is viewed. As a glaive and hence, a skirmish weapon. Accordingly, we can prepare skirmish mods including three mods of the Gladiator Set. This set applies a reward that has a similar impact as Blood Rush, expanding our Melees Critical Chance with Combo Multiplier. Here are the six mods that make up the Gladiator Set:

As should be obvious, three of those six mods are for scuffle weapons which implies. The off chance that we put those on our Deconstructor Prime Build we will get 30%. Crit chance each time we increment our Combo Multiplier. This implies we get a large portion of the estimation of Blood Rush without forfeiting anything on our genuine skirmish weapon and what’s more, this impact even stacks with Blood Rush importance with a maxed Blood Rush on our Melee weapon we presently acquire 90% extra crit possibility. Remember, this does exclude the three mods we could hypothetically put on our Warframe in light of the fact that those are very frail.

The Standard Build

While it for the most part is a phenomenal idea to find more than one playable structure. For your weapons, you regularly don’t really need to change your sentinel weapon fabricates. This is basically considering the way that the impact your sentinel weapons have on the intelligence isn’t really. That colossal and at whatever point you’ve found. The best structure you would require or don’t really want to switch around.

Because of the way that the Deconstructor prime doesn’t have any fundamental chance on it. This structure will totally disregard every essential chance and essential damage mod in the game. Or maybe it is focusing in on extending the status chance by adding two +60% status chance mods. To it (you don’t actually need to use damaging mischief) and you can by and large change the fundamental damage type. Adding the two additional essential mischief mods will ignis phantom form your damage yield by a ton. The comparable is legitimate for Primed Heavy Trauma.

Destroyed Strike is undoubtedly the most weak mod in this Deconstructor Prime Build and could without a very remarkable stretch. Be replaced by Condition Overload (try to use another essential. Damage type on your various weapons). Using Primed Reach isn’t significant, since you as of now have a by. Large great attack range on your sentinel, so you rather have more mischief. Similarly of course you don’t have to bring prepared mods. Can by and large use the conventional type of those.


Deconstructor Prime Build

This sentinel weapon is thusly. Acquired by making sure about Helios Prime. Note that this weapon similarly occupies one Sentinel stock room.


This weapon conveys Impact b.svg Impact, Slash b.svg Slash, and Puncture b.svg Puncture in a plan.


Second most raised base mischief of all sentinel weapons, behind the SentinelElectricRailgun.png Vulklok.

Plans Impact b.svg Impact, Slash b.svg Slash, and Puncture b.svg Puncture in gathering – convincing against all gatherings.

High status plausibility.

Brisk shot speed.


Has a fundamental chance of 0%.

Slow reload speed.

Shots have travel time.

Best Deconstructor Prime

While it as a rule is a good thought to discover more than one playable form for your weapons, you generally don’t actually have to change your sentinel weapon fabricates.

This is predominantly in light of the fact that the effect your sentinel Deconstructor Prime Build weapons have on the interactivity isn’t actually that large and whenever you’ve discovered the most ideal form you would require or prefer not to switch around.

On account of the way that the Deconstructor doesn’t have any basic possibility on it, this form will completely overlook each basic possibility and basic harm mod in the game.

Rather it is zeroing in on expanding the status chance by adding two +60% status chance mods to it (you don’t really have to utilize destructive harm) and you can generally change the essential harm type.

Adding the two extra essential harm mods (in our assemble we utilize Shocking Touch and Primed Fever Strike) will expand your harm yield by a ton.

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