Clupos builds a Web3.0 gaming ecosystem

Clupos builds a Web3.0 gaming ecosystem, With 3D unique NFTs as its primary tool, Clupos has established itself as a play-to-Earn online role-playing strategy game. In a recent development, the Clupos team is happy to announce that they are developing a web3 gaming ecosystem that will transform the web3 gaming industry by fusing imaginative creativity, game creation, and cutting-edge technologies to produce new digital content.

Additionally, Clupos is creating a multi-chain environment that is sustainable for both gamers and non-gamers so that they can participate in the crypto ecosystem using NFT assets. In addition to interactive multiplayer games that let users socialize with one another in our CPS ecosystem, the ecosystem is made up of applications that link Creators and Traders for Profit-related goals.

Clupos builds a Web3.0 gaming ecosystem

All projects launched on Clupos are scrutinized and hand-picked. They all aim at long-term development and ensure benefits for users. The company offers the following exclusive crypto features to its users:

NFTs & NFT marketplace
People can trade their NFTs on the Clupos platform.

Clupos games
The platform allows its users to play its games and earn fantastic prices

Support 24/7
Clupos support can get help and find answers to questions as soon as they come up—24/7 and in real-time. The team offers 24/7 support through chatbots global hub for gaming, line chat, or embedded messaging.

User Friendly
Clupos app is user-friendly. From signing up to logging out, it’s pretty smooth and easy. Once users are logged in, they will be in and are not obliged to log in whenever they’d like to.

A public presale will be coming next week to launch their token with a low hardcap so there’s a big potential to get profit from it

The token economics of Clupos are as follows:

Token Name: CLUPOS
Token Symbol: $CPS
Token Supply: 10B
Token Decimal: 18
Network: BSC
Furthermore, users can manage their investments, trade freely on the integrated CLUPOS swap, keep an eye out for new chances for possible gain, and remain up to date on the most recent industry news with their specially created app. When utilizing the CLUPOS app, users can find all these capabilities functioning correctly.

The CLUPOS MARKETPLACE is designed to host all kinds of NFT collections. Therefore users can trade NFTs on the CLUPOS APP freely and in the most secure way possible. The CLUPOS APP also contains a space for upcoming NFT projects and events, and this feature will be integrated within the NFT space on the CLUPOS APP.

Consequently, the Clupos network is focused on creating digital content designed to match players’ and developers’ needs by harnessing metaverse technology, DeFi, and NFTs. It merges them with virtual gaming to offer an ecosystem where users have actual ownership and full control of their gameplay.

About Clupos

By fusing the technology of NFTs with web3 gaming, Clupos is a brand-new and unique digital platform that aims to bring all the practical features of gaming and DeFi into one location. It has created a new ecosystem enabling its clients to access various features through minting a distinctive 3D-designed NFT. People will also have access to the latest web-3 gaming initiatives.

Potential holders can join the growing community and earn while playing their favorite games, competing in tournaments, or betting on their favorite team. Keep up with the community to get in touch with more information.

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