Chrono Cross: How to Get Master Hammer to Craft Rainbow Equipment

Crystal and Spectral stuff is among the best equipment in Chrono Cross, and there are various prerequisites that players should satisfy before they can craft it. One of those prerequisites is to get the Master Hammer to Craft Rainbow Equipment, however the way that is done can a piece confound.

This guide is here to walk fans through the most common way of acquiring Chrono Cross’ Master Hammer, and it ought to put players on the way to making their own special Rainbow equipment.

You can craft Rainbow weapons and equipment later in Become a Godfather in BitLife. They will have the attach Prism or Rainbow in their name. This is the way to craft Rainbow equipment in Chrono Cross, the best things that you can make.

As a rule, one can get them through fashioning at a Blacksmith’s or using the Smith Spirit. There are a few prerequisites for getting the required this kind of equipment.

These essential units incorporate Recruit Zappa, S.S. Zelbess, Defeat the 6 Dragons, Complete Fort Dragonia (Home World), Return to Marbule (Home World) with Zappa, Buy Master Hammer to Craft Rainbow Equipment, and Talk to Another World Zappa.

To note, players ought to ensure that they have enrolled Zappa before they invested a lot of energy toward acquiring the Rainbow hammer. This should be possible by placing Radius into a fan’s Chrono Cross party and talking with Zappa in his smithy in Termina (Home World). For full clearness, that smithy is one screen to one side and one screen up from the entry to Termina.

Chrono Cross: How to Get Master Hammer to Craft Rainbow Equipment

Beat Sage on S.S. Zelbess (Home World)

The initial move toward getting the Master Hammer to Craft Rainbow Equipment is to advance the fundamental story and arrive at the S.S. Zelbess (Home World). After boarding this journey transport, players ought to manage its situation, eventually beating Fargo in Chrono Cross’ roulette scaled down game. This success will give fans admittance to a formerly hindered part of the Zelbess, where they will see as the Sage clearing.

Players ought to now pursue down the Sage. Who will move all through the openings in the boat, and question him about the Dead Sea. In this discussion, players ought to show that they will utilize savage power. If necessary to set off a battle with the NPC. Overcoming the Sage will make Nikki show up, and fans ought to now get back. The deck of the boat, climb the tower to one side, ride the lift to Nikki’s boat, and acknowledge his solicitation.

Restore Marbule (Home World)

With Nikki’s solicitation acknowledged, players can zero in on satisfying it by saving Marbule (Home World) in Chrono Cross. To play out this demonstration, fans ought to place Fargo into their gatherings, board the S.S. Zelbess (Home World), and talk with the other Fargo in his quarters. This will bring about the boat cruising to Marbule, and players ought to arrive on the island and rout each of the nine of the Lagoonates that are dispersed across it. Fans will see a message showing that a winged serpent’s cry was heard somewhere out there when the last foe is beaten.

Master Hammer to Craft Rainbow Equipment

Beat the Dragon Gods and Complete Fort Dragonia (Home World)

Players ought to now advance Master Hammer to Craft Rainbow Equipment. Story to the place where they are looking for and battling the six mythical beast divine beings. Overcoming those animals will at last bring about the obtaining of the Dragon Tear, which can be utilized. At the entry to Fort Dragonia (Home World) to address its riddles as a whole. There is a supervisor fight toward the finish of this prison, which fans should survive.

Buy the Master Hammer on Marbule (Home World) and Go to Termina (Another World)

With those steps finished, players ought to add Zappa to their gatherings. Go to the cavern in the top-left corner of Marbule (Home World). There is currently a NPC within this cavern that sells the Master Hammer to Craft Rainbow Equipment for 10,000G. Fans ought to buy it and prepare it to Zappa. From that point, players ought to advance toward Termina. Talk with Zappa in his smithy to open the capacity to craft Rainbow equipment in Chrono Cross.

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