Simple Method to Change FPS in Apex Legends Steam – Ultimate Guide

Change FPS in Apex Legends Steam, Similarly as with any cutthroat first-person shooter, Apex Legends benefits from having a consistent edge rate. In an ideal world, that edge rate will be in the hundreds yet not everyone has an apparatus capable of delivering such execution. So what do you do in the event that you’re not ready to maintain a high casing rate and your game’s FPS is out of control? In this situation, the most ideal option is to go to Steam to cap your FPS in Apex Legends.

The game is keenly made, all on account of the incredible opportunity that the Source engine gives. Not at all like most of fight royale games, Apex Legends provides you with the option of choosing from “Legends” – characters that have special capabilities that can be truly favorable during group scouring, assuming you know how to utilize them accurately. Apex Legends is likewise allowed to play, and that is now a major win itself.

Apex Legends might be more novel, particularly in the fight royale game type, however like all fight royale games, good framerates are additionally incredibly significant in Apex Legends. Good fps and idleness could spell the contrast between a win and a misfortune.

There are really heaps of ways of making sure you have good fps in the game, yet we’ve gathered the most ideal ways how to increase fps in Apex Legends without having to spend anything on equipment.

how to change fps in apex legends steam

Change FPS in Apex Legends on Steam and Origin

Today’s GPU’s are capable of running match-ups like Apex Legends at a lot higher casing rate than the ongoing cap. Change the Language in Overwatch Players can set a cap on both Steam and Origin by following these means. Prior to changing the casing rate cap, one should close the game in request to get to the launch options.


Open Steam
Go to Library and right snap on Apex Legends
A drop down rundown will show a couple of options. Click on Properties
Find the Launch Options field in Everyday Properties
In that field, type +fps_max <required outline rate>
For instance, to cap the casing rate at 200 edges each second, then the code would be +fps_max 200


Open Origin
Access the game library and right snap on Apex Legends
Click on Game Properties
Find Progressed Launch Options
In that field type +fps_max <required outline rate>
For instance, to cap the edge rate at 200 casings each second, then the code would be +fps_max 200

Go to your Steam Library

Assuming your duplicate of Apex Legends is facilitated on Steam, open up the Steam client, go to your library and right snap on Apex Legends in the game rundown. Starting from the drop menu, select “Properties” at the extremely bottom.

The Launch Options

At the point when you open Apex Legends’ Properties window, you ought to be on the Overall tab of course. At the bottom of this tab, you ought to see a major text box named “Launch Options.” This input permits you to set direct commands for the game application to follow when you launch it. It’s only intended for cutting edge clients, since you really want to know the commands, however we’re gonna give you the one you want.

Setting the Cap

The command you want to go into the brief to control framerates is “+fps_max,” trailed by any number from one to three digits. In this way, for instance, assuming you type “+fps_max 200,” that would set the game’s casing limit at 200 fps. The default outline limit for Apex Legends is 60 fps, while the Apex people group for the most part considers the ideal framerate to be 144 fps.

how to change fps in apex legends steam

How do I increase my FPS in Apex Legends?

Get a good rig. A PC that can run the game and 60fps+ will enormously help you in a high speed FPS. Console folks won’t have this issue so a lot.

Get a good mouse and console. Weapon Upgrade Material locations in Valkyrie Elysium Alright this is more about perspective then anything. You want a respectable mouse that feels much better in your hand, I depend on a heavier and mid size mouse however it is simply inclination. A £5 mouse will give you what you paid for yet you don’t have to blow £6969.69 for one.

Your console is similar. I at present have a modest Chinese console with Cherry MX blue. It has a good response time which truly has the effect in quick moving upsetting minutes. However, research when switches you need. I wish I had dark not blue on the grounds that the tactile criticism plays with me sometimes.

Finally some advice for everyone. DROP YOUR SENSITIVITY FROM MAX NOW YOU GODDAMED Weirdo!! However, drop your sense down and play a bit then conform to your inclination, drive yourself to play for a couple of days on a lower sensitivity prior to adjusting. I have lowed my sense down a couple of times and helped it once or twice since I dropped it and my game has massively improved in light of the fact that I can hit the target without passing ready to move on.

How do I get 144 fps in Apex Legends?

You can achieve 144fps with a graphics like a GTX 1060-1070 and other nice specs. You won’t have the option to see the difference, rather feel it being smoother if you do not have a monitor that upholds a revive pace of 144hz.

If you have any desire to see double the edges and achieve it specifically in Apex Legends you want a graphics card capable of achieving that casing rate on normal settings* and a monitor capable of displaying those casings at 144hz.

This is not a question like a setting. This is more about you and your specs. First off you want a 144hz display,(a screen capable of really showing you 144 fps) and you likewise need a pc capable of running the game at 144 fps at the setting the game is set at. If you are on console you can’t do this. If you are on pc take a stab at lowering the graphics until you get 144fps. If you don’t get it on least settings your pc is simply not capable.

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