Find Out How To Breed Anglow In My Singing Monsters

This article is about How to Breed Anglow In My Singing Monsters. My Singing Monsters is a game that allows you to breed and gather different charming and interesting monsters. One such beast is the Anglow, which is important for the Rare class and has a distinct blue and yellow appearance. Breeding Anglow can be challenging, yet with the right combination of monsters and methodologies, you can increase your chances of getting one.

How To Breed Anglow In My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Anglow?

To breed an Anglow, you really want to involve the following combination of monsters in the breeding design: Shellbeat (left) + Deedge (right). Both of these monsters should be basically level 4, and the breeding system requires close to 24 hours. Remember that you might have to attempt this combination a few times before you succeed.

Here are some tips to increase your chances of breeding Anglow:

Step up your monsters: The higher the level of your monsters, the better your chances of breeding rare monsters like Anglow. It’s prescribed to step up Shellbeat and Deedge to even out 15 before trying to breed Anglow.

Use torches: Placing torches around the breeding design can increase your chances of breeding rare monsters. Each lit torch increases your chances by 2%, up to 20% with 10 torches.

Continue on: Breeding rare monsters can involve karma, so don’t get discouraged on the off chance that you don’t get Anglow on your most memorable attempt. Continue trying the breeding combination until you succeed.

Use jewels: Assuming you have precious stones, you can utilize them to accelerate the breeding system or purchase rare monsters straightforwardly. However, using precious stones is excessive and can be expensive.

How To Breed Anglow In My Singing Monsters


All in all, breeding Anglow in My Singing Monsters can be a test, yet it’s a rewarding encounter when you finally succeed. Make sure to step up your monsters, use torches, continue on, and have persistence.

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