Best Weapon For Nezha Warframe

Best Weapon For Nezha Warframe Blazing across the crimson skies, the empyreal vanguard Nezha invokes sacred fire through his Universe Ring. Invigorate and safeguard friends by bestowing life and energy. Ignite and impale enemies upon inferno fires, to cleanse the Framework with his divine flames. Nezha forged a path of flame in Update 18.1.

The Fire Walker Nezha is an exceptionally versatile warframe capable of tanking fairly or wiping out rooms loaded with enemies, while also manipulating the battlefield with swarm control tools and presenting a more than good degree of mobility, making him a balanced warframe and a great choice for almost any kind of mission.

His Prime version also displays higher armor and sprint speed, as well as an additional polarity.

Farming the different parts of Nezha is also as easy as it gets, since you simply purchase all parts from the Tenno Research Lab in your dojo.

So if you don’t have a clan with the research yet, either build yourself a clan from scratch or simply join one of the many great clans out there.

Nezha is an extremely unique Warframe as in he has a good mix of tank-ability, damage and group control.

best weapon for nezha warframe

How to Craft Nezha?

Nezha’s blueprints are researched from the Tenno Lab in the dojo.

Building Requirements

  • Nezha Blueprint Price – Tenno Lab Research
  • Nezha Neuroptics – Tenno Lab Research
  • Nezha Chassis – Tenno Lab Research
  • Nezha Frameworks – Tenno Lab Research

Building Time

  • Warframe-72 Hours
  • Parts – 12 Hours

Nezha Overview and Best Weapon Options

Nezha has a pool of exceptionally valuable abilities that are both offensive and group control tools. On the battlefield, you want to be in the line of fire before casting Warding Halo, since this ability will absorb incoming damage and add it to its health pool, subsequently making it a superior protective layer. Divine Spears is a great group control asset, and the Blazing Chakram can take you out of any tight space or fight, all while still being greatly offensive.

Blazing Chakram

Heave a flaming ring that sets enemies ablaze making them vulnerable to any damage. Flaming enemies drop Restorative Spheres on death. Oberon Prime in Warframe Charge to amplify the force of the ring, and reactivate to instantly travel to the ring’s location.

Divine Spears

Impale nearby enemies on spears that eject from underneath. Activate again to slam surviving enemies back into the ground.


Passive Nezha slides 60% faster and goes 35% farther. These impacts stack with Cunning Drift, Maglev, and Mod Streamlined Form. Can be disabled with Controlled Slide.

Fire Walker

Blaze a trail of flames, scorching enemies, and cleansing allies. Teleporting blasts the landing area with a ring of fire.

Best Weapons For Nezha

Nezha is a highly mobile warframe that relies upon his abilities more than equipment, so you have to zero in on no specific weapon, just a comfortable arrangement. Acceltra, Akbolto, and Ninkondi will fill that need, and obviously, if you can afford the Prime versions, the better. Use as many Forma on them as you decide to achieve the desired build, and you’ll be good to go!

best weapon for nezha warframe

How can I solo the Eidolon Teralyst in the game Warframe?

If you’re soloing, you’re undoubtedly not going to have the option to do it quick. A frame like Chroma is an option, yet for solo play Oberon will make things significantly more relaxed. For your operator, a bunch of Magus Vigor will help, or Rejuvenating Tides (Vazarin center waybound) if you have it. Chroma Prime Warframe It doesn’t matter if your operator dies, as you can simply transfer out again.

Any amp that’s not the Bit amp is highly desirable. Something with the Shwaak prism will work well for you. Being able to solo the Teralyst isn’t too difficult, and if you really want assistance a lot of players are willing to assist. In my opinion, what makes Warframe great is the community that has formed around the game and the way of life that Digital Limits has encouraged with scale of player engagement they undertake.

In an era where each major publisher lies, obfuscates, and takes advantage of their players, DE takes the exact opposite tack.

Since I started playing Warframe I realized I didn’t make a great ninja. Running around on walls, sliding under random crap, jumping over more random crap, and simply throwing out high DPS progressing? Yeah none of those are particularly my forte.

What I did learn was that I could endlessly tank pretty well at that. I dipped my toes in with Rhino, which was okay, however at that point I gained admittance to Ice, and later Ice Prime, and Kid did he become my pride and happiness.

Is Warframe a good game to play in 2023?

Indeed, yet don’t attempt to get to endgame by binge playing. It’ll take you a couple hundred to a thousand hours of mission time to see all the substance, and playing it for an extremely long time is certain to lead to burnout.

Play for reasonable stretches, nobody will care if you’re weak especially in public matchmaking.

That said, awesome graphics, tight gameplay, and it’s genuinely allowed to play. You can earn almost every weapon in the game by simply playing. Indeed, even the premium cash can be earned through trading plunder you get in-game, which is necessary to expand your inventory of weapons and frame. The main things that are guaranteed to cost real cash are tennogen player-made cosmetics that have an income split with the publishers.

According to a legend perspective – Without giving out (m)any spoilers, warframe is about a gathering of spacefaring ninja like warriors (of firearm and blade) who were responsible for the fall of a galaxy-spanning exploitative empire. This tale is of the factions that came out of that conflict.

According to a gameplay perspective – It is a third individual shooter along with 4 casting abilities for every warframe with RPG components which allow these abilities to be more effective. It utilizes a mana framework to cast these abilities (called energy in the game). You can build and will play with multiple warframes (character classes) during your playtime with parallel progression in frames while keeping your sequential progression on the planet.

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