Best TV Show Video Games

Video games have been big business for years now, but they’ve grown even bigger in the past few years as the pandemic has forced people to stay inside more. Even games that might not be the most popular can prove to be valuable, as evidenced by Take-Two Interactive, best known for their part in bringing the Grand Theft Auto series to life, and their recent purchase of Farmville developer Zynga for over $11 billion. Even niche games can be valuable in the right hands.

Sometimes video games manage to cross over into other mediums, such as when the Angry Birds became a film or the hit Netflix show Arcane that was based on League of Legends characters, but more often it is other mediums making the move into video games. Fans of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated show have the upcoming game, Shredder’s Revenge, to look forward to. There is no shortage of video games based on TV shows and films to celebrate.

What are the best video games based on TV shows out there? Here is a look at some of our favorites.

The Simpsons: Hit and Ru


There has been no shortage of games based on the long-running animated sitcom, The Simpsons. Dating all the way back to 1991’s Bart vs. The World for the NES console through to The Simpsons: Tapped Out for mobile devices, America’s favorite animated family has never been shy about delving into interactive entertainment. Hit and Run is definitely the best of these outings. Giving players the chance to explore the fictional Springfield in more detail than ever before while causing the show’s trademark chaos at the same time was an absolute treat and is why this game remains the best of all the licensed Simpsons games. While the show looks set to be on our screens until at least 2023, this will probably remain the best game the franchise ever produces.

The Walking Dead

A media franchise doesn’t get as big as The Walking Dead has without branching out into different genres and mediums along the way. There have been several video game titles in the series in the past, including The Walking Dead: Our World for iOS and Android. You can even find the show featured in an online slot from Ladbrokes, simply titled The Walking Dead, which uses familiar imagery from the show to draw players in. But the best title in the franchise, by far, is Telltale Game’s take on the series. It featured plenty of emotional moments and a fresh set of characters, making it accessible even for those who haven’t played the show. It was the most critically acclaimed title in the Telltale Games catalog for a reason.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds

There have been several video games based on the Joss Whedon classic TV show, but Chaos Bleeds is easily the best one. It allowed players to take control of other characters in the show, including Xander and Willow, and even had multiplayer features so players could take on vampires together. Most of all, it was a fun, well-put-together action game with good graphics for the time and a surprisingly deep combat system that took a bit of time to master. It even expanded on the show’s lore with an original storyline, making it a fun addition for fans to dive into.

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