Best Starconch Farming Route in Genshin Impact

In Best Starconch farming route in Genshin Impact, each character requires somewhat unique rising materials, and a portion of these are more straightforward to find than others. One of the more extraordinary things utilized for rising is Starconch, a Liyue explicit shell that is utilized to step up Tartaglia, otherwise called Childe.

There are a few spots to find Starconch, and since variant 1.4, you can likewise get it from a vendor in Liyue. Here’s where to find and cultivate Starconch.

Best Starconch farming route in Genshin Impact

Best Starconch Farming Route in Genshin Impact

There are a few places where players can find Starconch. The first as seen on the Map beneath is a huge group found in the shores of Yaoguang Shoal.

One more district to gather Starconch is Guyun Stone Forest, the islands made from the Spears tossed by Rex Lapis during the Archon War.

In any case, this region requires some island hopping and defeating a lot of foes, which makes for a more slow homestead. Starconch is fairly with Make 3 Special Unmoving Essential Oils easy to gather, as need might arise to position close to them and a collecting window will show up.

The Best Starconch Farming Route

Starconchs are frequently bunched together and there are three main regions you can find them. These are:

  • Yaoguang Shoal
  • The South-East shore of Guili Plains
  • Guyun Stone Forest

The guide above shows the most well-known areas for Starconch. You’ll probably find odd ones somewhat beyond these region however this guide features the main groups.

We suggest starting by combing Yaoguang Shoal prior to teleporting over to the waypoint only South of the Domain of Forsaken Ruins. This offers simple admittance to the piece of the Quili Plains coast that has shells.

Level 90

With Yelan being add to Genshin Impact, players will scramble to accumulate the vital materials to climb her. Like with Childe, you will require a whopping 168 Starconches to completely rise her to even out 90. Starconches are easy to obtain, yet they are fan out through a few zones, making gathering them somewhat of an errand. We’ve made the best Starconch farming route for you in Genshin Impact to facilitate a touch of that weight.

This route will require roughly 15 minutes, assuming you don’t draw in with any of the foes roaming in the areas. Assuming you in all actuality do get some margin to battle them, you can anticipate that this should take around 25 to 30 minutes. You will procure around 75 Starconches per farming run, and you can rehash this run like clockwork depending on the situation. On the other hand, you can inquire as to whether you can join their reality and take their assets instead.

Best Starconch farming route in Genshin Impact

Manual for ranch 85 Starconch in Genshin Impact

Starconch should be visible generally in a bunch in certain areas. These areas are north of Liyue Harbor, Yaoguang Shoal, south of Starglow Cavern, and Guyun Stone Forest.

Genshin Impact gamers can begin by teleporting to a waypoint upper east from the Statue of the Seven in Liyue Harbor for the main route. Then, they can stroll around the ocean to gather the Starconches. An aggregate of 20 conches can gather from this route.

The following 26 Starconches can situate in Yaoguang Shoal, Liyue. To begin with, transport to Mingyun Village’s southwest waypoint and follow the bolt in the picture above to gather 11 conches. Then, transport to Yaoguang Shoal east waypoint to find the last 15 Starconches nearby.

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