Best Rubico Prime Eidolon Builds in 2022 [Guide]

This article is about Best Rubico Prime Eidolon Builds 2021. Hello folks and welcome to another Warframe article and today we’re going to investigate another sharpshooter rifle that was simply delivered with the Chrome Prime Access – the Rubico Prime Eidolon Builds.

Presumably the best shooter and the game is similarly perhaps the most played weapons in the game: The Rubico Prime Eidolon Builds features a high fundamental chance with an OK status plausibility, some punch through and high impact hurt.

While it has an immediate damage falloff, you really need to convey this weapon to any open world mission, to most chief fights or correspondingly as a blend of a ‘shotgun’ and a huge distance rifle. As any readied weapon you can fundamentally amass every one of the parts expected to make the Rubico Prime Eidolon Builds by opening the relics and expecting some drop karma simultaneously.

Probably the best expert rifleman and the game is likewise perhaps the most played weapons in the game: The Warframe to Twitch Accounts highlights a high basic possibility with an OK status possibility, some punch through and high effect harm.

While it has a direct harm falloff, you actually need to carry this weapon to any open world mission, to most supervisor battles or similarly as a blend of a ‘shotgun’ and a significant distance rifle.

As any prepared weapon you can essentially accumulate every one of the parts expected to make the Rubico Prime Eidolon Builds by opening the relics and expecting some drop karma at the redeemer prime eidolon build.

The Rubico Prime is a primary weapon, a cylinder magazine based sniper rifle, it is a Prime variant of the Rubico.


Weapon Characteristics

The Rubico Prime is the Prime variant of the Rubico, retaining most of its stats with a few changed as well.

The Rubico Prime requires a Mastery Rank of 12 before it may be used by players and built using its blueprints and Prime parts.

How To Get Rubico Prime

Rubico Prime Eidolon Build

Presently, actually like with some other prime weapon, you get the parts for Rubico Prime from relics. See this article to discover which relics you need to air out and what are the best places to cultivate these relics.

A huge load of Tennos use the Rubico Prime to convey a huge load of damage to the Eidolon pursue, anyway you can play the master sharpshooter rifle in numerous missions and even use it as a rule weapon everywhere. Just try to understand the inclinations and obstacles and you’ll have the alternative to butcher enemies in every mission.

If you are looking for some direction on the most capable strategy to mod your Rubico Prime Eidolon Builds, you went to the right site! Hi people and welcome to another Warframe article and today we will explore another marksman rifle that was basically conveyed with the Chrome Prime Access – the Rubico Prime.

Rubico Prime Relics

Rubico Prime parts are  scattered across seven different relics:

  • Axi L5, Meso E2 that drop Rubico Prime Stock
  • Axi M1, Meso Z3 that drop Rubico Prime Barrel
  • Lith A3, Lith K2 that drop Rubico Prime Receiver
  • Neo R2 that drops Rubico Prime Blueprint

In order to farm Meso Z3/Meso E2 RelicsIo on Jupiter is recommended. This mission can be completed really quickly and with some luck, you should be able to get two Meso relics in 10 waves.

For Axi L5/Axi M1 Relics Farming  Xini on Eris is recommended. It’s an interception mission that’s pretty straightforward. The first two rounds drop Neo relics and rounds 3 and 4 regularly dropping Axi relics. Optimally you want to stay four rounds before extracting

For farming Lith A3/Lith K2 Relics the Orokin Derelict Defense mission is a great option. ODD is a straightforward defense mission that you can even solo with Banshee and you should be able to get two Lith relics in 10 waves most of the time.

How To Get Rubico Prime Blueprint Relics

For Neo R2 Relics,   Hydron on Sedna is recommended. It is the fastest way to farm for Neo relics because Neo relics drop every 5 rounds. Also, it worth mentioned that Hydron is the best area to level up your Warframe and weapons. So, don’t forget to bring alongside your weapons that you want to level up.

Finally, relic packs always a decent way to get your hands on those new Rubico Prime relics

The Best Rubico Prime Builds

A significant data about expert sharpshooter weapons is about the Shot Combo Counter. Which essentially builds your harm yield each time you effectively hit your objective. The Rubico Prime Eidolon Builds has exceptionally low shot combo prerequisites and as of now begins with. A 1,5x harm multiplier after one shot and can go up to a 5x harm multiplier. After 2.187 effective hits in succession.

While this is quite solid, the Rubico Prime Eidolon Builds additionally includes a short reset clock for that, which essentially implies that following two seconds. Not hitting an objective, you lose one entire combo counter reward level. Since the essential reload is at precisely two seconds, you will experience difficulty getting a high combo counter. Without the aides of a mod like Harkonar Scope or a more limited reload time.

All things considered, you don’t actually have to work around your Shot Combo Counter. To get a high harm yield, so you can typically overlook it totally. On the off chance that you truly need to improve your work toward that path. You ought to just utilize the Primed Fast Hands mod (or the ordinary rendition).

The Standard Rubico Prime Build

This form includes an extremely high basic possibility (more than 100%). A decent basic multiplier and furthermore an alright status possibility. You truly need to get two basic harm mods more than the +60% status. Chance essential mods to expand your harm considerably further.

The greatest shock may be not utilizing Heavy Caliber, however particularly in the event that you plan on utilizing. The expert rifleman on farther away targets, you will lament bringing negative exactness.

You can generally give it a shot for yourself (change out Critical Delay or Vigilante Armaments). Yet missing shots and diminishing your combo counter feels exceptionally awful and pitiful.

As usual, you can utilize whatever essential harm mix you like and on the off chance that you do possess. A maximized Primed Cryo Rounds you should consider acquiring it – just to get somewhat more harm.

The Impact Munitions Build

Rubico Prime Eidolon Build

This thought is very near the standard form and furthermore includes an extremely. High basic possibility with a high basic harm multiplier. Yet, rather than utilizing two essential mods this form rather picks Crash Course. To expand the generally high Impact harm of your Rubico Prime Eidolon Builds.

The form additionally utilizes Hunter Munitions to bargain cut harm with each shot. While it isn’t very helpful against most manager foes and death targets, you will actually want. To execute undeniable level adversaries with no difficulty.

Once more, Heavy Caliber isn’t actually awesome, on the grounds that missing your shots. Sometimes is only awful on a sharpshooter rifle with a little magazine. All things considered, you may even consider Bladed Rounds on the off chance. That you intend to bring your weapon against gatherings of foes.

 Riven-free, Anti-Eidolon Build

The Impact Munitions Build

The next build that we will be talking about is the riven-free build that also has a pretty good accuracy rate and sound projection. Along with this, it has several modes that can be used within the mission. The Stormbringer creates a fair amount of electricity, and the Vital Sense deals with damage control. So, if you think that one mod is not enough to be used for killing the target boss, then you can use a combination of two or more mods so that you do not miss the chance of shooting the target. You can also try and explore some other mods that you think can go well.

 Forma Eidolon Build

Rubico Prime Builds Guide

a pretty excellent accuracy rate and fire rate. Along with this, there are various mods that can be used along with the weapon so that it would become more comfortable for you to kill the enemies in a single go. The Heavy Caliber provides you a great deal of damage, but it is somewhat low inaccuracy. Along with Heavy Caliber, you can use Vital Sense for good critical damage.

The Serration and Point Strike will be an excellent combination for increasing the critical chance and damage, and in this way, it will be easier for you to survive throughout and kill the enemies. You can also try to explore the Hellfire mod to boost heat energy and Point strike for increased critical damage. The right set of mods, when combined, forms a vicious and deadly ability that is almost impossible to neglect.

Headshot BuildRP-9

This build is similar to the previous build with the exception of swapping out Vigilante Armaments for Argon Scope in order to further increase the critical chance with headshots.

In addition, since Split Chamber alone only gives 90% chance for a multishot, users may swap this out with another preferred mod.

The main focus of this build is to make use of the Argon Scope mod, dealing a headshot and taking advantage of the buff you receive after.

It is not entirely required to keep dealing headshots, simply shooting an enemy and landing a headshot will trigger the buff and then the user may simply shoot however they like for the remainder of the buff.

Rubico Prime Stats

The Rubico Prime is a self-loader expert marksman rifle that expects you to be at any rate authority rank 12. To utilize it and does 187 harm for every shot. 149.6 is sway, 28.1 is cut, and just 9.3 is slice. It starts up to 3.67 rounds each second with 5 rounds in the magazine. 72 rounds altogether, and a fair reload season of two seconds. It accompanies two diverse zoom levels. The first being a 2.5 occasions zoom which will concede you in addition to 35% reward basic multiplier. Furthermore, the subsequent one is 5 time zoom which will allow you half reward basic multiplier.

The Rubico Prime additionally accompanies respectable combo details you will get your first combo multiplier. After you land your first shot and the combo rots following 2 seconds. Where it gets truly hot however is with the supporting details all the more explicitly the crit. It has 38% base crit chance which is truly overall quite 3x combo multiplier which is high. It additionally accompanies 16% status possibility and it has two V polarities as standard. Along these lines, it is all things considered obviously superior to the standard Rubico Prime Eidolon Builds.

Yet it is as yet one of the most un-harming sharpshooter rifles in the game. What’s more, not that it truly matters however in light of the fact that it is exceeded intensely. The five round magazine and nice fire rate so in the event that. You simply dump into a foe you will annihilate them.


  • Accuracy: Has an accuracy of 13.3 able to accurately hit enemies at low to high ranges.
  • Critical Chance: Has a 38% chance to deal critical hits per shot. (30% for Rubico)
  • Critical Multiplier: Shots deal 3x more damage on critical hits.
  • Fire Rate: Fires around 3.67 rounds per second. (2.50 for Rubico)
  • Magazine: Capacity of 5 shots per magazine.
  • Noise: Shots are alarming and will alert enemies when fired.
  • Reload: Takes 2.0 seconds to reload a new magazine. (2.4 for Rubico)
  • Status: Has a 16% chance to proc status effects per shot.(for Rubico)
  • Trigger: SEMI – fires a round each time the trigger is pulled.
  • Damage Types: Deals 149.6 Impact, 28.1 Puncture and 9.3 Slash (144 Impact, 27 Puncture and 9 Slash for Rubico)

The Rubico Prime sniper rifle isn’t just a good weapon – it is one of the best weapons in the game. Doesn’t really matter if you plan on fighting assassination targets, Sortie level enemies or just lower level mobs, this weapon will kill everything. If you really want you might also be able to find a dedicated shot combo build, but this isn’t really where the strength’s of the Rubico Prime lie. Instead, build around the high critical damage and chance and you will be able to shoot down everything and everyone.

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