5 Warner Bros Characters we want to see in MultiVersus

Here, we will show you 5 Warner Bros characters we want to see in MultiVersus. Warner Bros’ upcoming hybrid fighting game MultiVersus right now has 16 affirmed playable characters. Among the 16 affirmed characters are DC symbols like Superman and Batman, close by Scooby-Doo’s Shaggy Rogers and Steven Universe. There are likewise many possibly spilled characters that still can’t seem to be reported in the game.

5 Warner Bros characters we want to see in MultiVersus

5 Warner Bros Characters we want to see in MultiVersus

An inside and out Reddit post goes over each potential person that could be coming to MultiVersus. Among the characters on the Reddit post are Joker, Gandalf, Harry Potter, King Kong, Godzilla, Neo from The Matrix, Johnny Bravo, Rick and Morty, and numerous others. Indeed, even with that multitude of holes, there are still a lot of characters within the Warner Bros. library that would make great playable characters. Beating up Superman as Shaggy is fun with no guarantees, however imagine teaming up with Bugs Bunny as Pennywise from It. That would make a MultiVersus an interesting interest to a must-play.

So the following are five Warner Bros. characters that we want to see in the MultiVersus eventually. Ideally, in the near future.


Considering The Matrix Resurrections is coming out in 2021, there could be no more excellent opportunity to profit by the energy by adding the series’ main person.

His hand to hand fighting battle, firearms (heaps of weapons), and perhaps sluggish mo powers could be perfect for interactivity. Also the reality it’s Keanu Reeves. What more do you want?


With Mortal Kombat being one of the greatest games possessed by Warner Bros more Monster Hunter Rise Zenny, it’s not out of the question that we get one of the most famous characters to be playable. While Sub-Zero and Scorpion are easy decisions, for our cash, we’d favor the fan-wielding Kitana as a more novel inclusion. Her wind powers and dexterity would be enormously valuable in a stage warrior.

5 Warner Bros characters we want to see in MultiVersus

Ben 10

One of the most incredible superheroes from Cartoon Network, Ben Tennyson could change into more than ten distinct outsiders, each furnished with various capacities. While this may excessively overpowered, having Ben’s unique assaults and finishers as unambiguous and famous outsiders are adequate for the reasons for MultiVersus.


Betelgeuse’s debased mind, with eccentric discoursed, can offer great in-fighting remarks, while his capacity to shapeshift and do awful things with his body can assist him with standing against the other strong enemies in the field. His expansion to MultiVersus’ personality rundown would likewise give somewhat of an alternate encounter for the players to mess around with.

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