Witcher 3 Best Armor Sets Guide (2022)

In this guide we will discuss about Witcher 3 Best Armor Sets. The Witcher 3 Armor Sets are your go-to hotspot for the most grounded armor and weaponry in the game for our beloved Butcher of Blaviken. Each having a place with an alternate witcher school, the plans for these interesting bits of hardware should be found in Scavenger missions, then, at that point created with specific materials – all of which we’ll cover in our The Witcher 3 stuff sets guide beneath!

Regardless of your playstyle, we have you covered with an exhaustive rundown of the best armor sets in The Witcher 3 Armor Sets. Our aide likewise tells you the best way to track down each set and which assembles they’re best for.

Chasing beasts is an intense business, in any event, for somebody like Geralt of Rivia. Large numbers of the otherworldly animals that wander the world can’t be contemplated or dealt with. They’d much prefer wreck vulnerable towns and destroy the normal people – appendage from appendage. For the White Wolf to have any potential for success against these monsters, he needs to come ready.

All through your excursion in The Witcher 3 Armor Sets, you’ll go over an assortment of weapons and armor, all of which have diverse rewards of advantages that accompany them. In this manual for the best weapons and armor in The Witcher 3, we’ll be directing you through how to obtain Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide weapons like the Griffin School Gear, the Ursine School Gear, and different things like the Aerondight blade.

Witcher School Gear — Best Overall Armor

As a rule, the Witcher School gear sets (Bear, Wolf, Griffin, Cat, Manticore, Viper) are the best armor pieces in the game.

They have fantastic details, look extraordinary, and give valuable set rewards to destroying 3 of 6 and 6 out of 6 of the set pieces once moved up to Grandmaster.

Each set accompanies four armor pieces (armor, boots, pants, and gauntlets) and two blades (silver and steel). The Feline and Ursine sets additionally incorporate a crossbow.

You can redesign the Witcher school gear sets a sum of multiple times as long as you have the Blood and Wine development opened. This takes them from essential to improved, predominant, mastercrafted, lastly grandmaster level (you can likewise get the more elevated level forms in NG+).

Griffin Armor (Best for Signs)

  • Armor type: Medium
  • Uncommon details: Sign force
  • Set rewards: (3/6) After utilizing Stamina to project a Sign in its standard mode, the following Sign cast inside 3 seconds will be projected in standard mode without utilizing Stamina; (6/6) The size of Yrden traps is expanded by 40%. While you are inside a Yrden trap, Stamina recovery is expanded by 5/s and Sign Intensity by 100%, and harm is decreased by 20%.

The Griffin Armor’s cleaned plates demonstrate our Witcher 3 Armor Sets is an amazing powerhouse. No worker would try to bamboozle Geralt on an agreement while he’s wearing this stuff.

Also, the metal griffin kneecaps are a decent recognition for Geralt’s beast killing legacy.

The primary concern that separates this armor from others is the rewards to sign force, making it phenomenal for fabricates zeroing in on weighty sign use.

How to get the Griffin Armor

From Downwarren, ride Roach northwest toward a couple of unseen areas. One is a cavern where you’ll discover the armor outlines. Searching for the upgraded, predominant, and mastercrafted variant? Look at our manual for getting all the Griffin Armor graphs.

Ursine Armor (Best for Tanking)

Witcher 3 Armor Sets

  • Armor type: Heavy
  • Extraordinary details: Adrenaline Point acquire
  • Set rewards: (3/6) When a Quen safeguard breaks, there is an opportunity another one will be projected at no endurance cost. The extra increments by 5% for each piece of the set; (6/6) Damage managed by Abilities including the Quen sign is expanded by 200%.

Numerous players say the Ursine Witcher armor is their #1 armor set in Witcher 3, and it’s easy to perceive any reason why: it consolidates phenomenal details and set rewards with an incredible look. This is the armor set we suggest in case you’re going for a tanky work with an emphasis on solid assaults.

This substantial armor gets its name from the Witcher 3 Armor Sets. The long chest armor with full chainmail inclusion gives greatest security against the deadliest adversaries. The high collar and scarf are an up-to-date contact that is certain to keep Geralt hot even in the harshest Skellige snowstorms.

How to get the Ursine Armor

Travel to Oxenfurt and purchase the armor map from the smithy to open the graph areas. Follow the guide marker to the destroyed palace close to Yngvar’s Fang on Skellige’s northernmost isle, Uralla.

Enter the palace and head to the divider at the furthest edge. Enact the change to open the cell entryways. Take the cell to your nearby left, which prompts a cavern. Excursion through the give in and rise the steps to arrive at the chest with the graphs.

Prepared to overhaul your Ursine stuff? Look at our full aide on the best way to get all the Ursine Armor graphs.

Wolven Armor (Best All-Around)

  • Armor type: Medium
  • Extraordinary details: Adrenaline Point acquire, sign force, assault power
  • Set rewards: (3/6) Up to 3 distinct oils can be applied to a blade at an at once; Bombs are tossed immediately.

The Wolf Armor is perhaps the most balanced armor sets in Witcher 3, giving you a tad of everything.

Furthermore, it’s the ideal fit for Geralt’s epithet: The White Wolf. Chainmail and studs secure the fundamental organs, while strong cowhide and loosened chest armor clasps give some additional portability. Also the helpful shoulder pocket for rapidly putting away and recovering crowns and spices.

All things considered, the Wolf school gear set looks incredible and gives fantastic details to a flexible playstyle that includes a touch of everything (signs, quick and solid assaults, oils, bombs).

How to get the Wolven armor

Travel to Kaer Morhen and ride Roach up the twisting way to the Old Signal Tower. Enter the pinnacle ruins, plunder the chest, and read the note to start the scrounger chase. Utilizing your Witcher 3 Armor Sets, track down the principal gem and initiate it with Aard.

Get back to the pinnacle entrance, and you’ll see a hole in the divider to one side. Hop onto the stones and proceed cautiously around the divider to track down the subsequent gem.

Whenever you’ve actuated it, get back to the pinnacle’s initial level and hop through the gateway to arrive at the outlines.

Searching for the remainder of the outlines? Look at our Best Poker Minigames in Console on the best way to discover the Wolven Armor outlines.

Cat (Feline) Armor (Best for Fast Attacks)

Witcher 3 Armor Sets

  • Armor type: Light
  • Uncommon details: Increased assault power, protection from essential harm
  • Set rewards: (3/6) Strong assaults increment Fast Attack harm for 5 seconds by 10% for each piece of the set; (6/6) Rear assaults bargain half more harm, and furthermore paralyze rivals at the expense of 1 Adrenaline Point.

Not exclusively is the Feline armor the best light armor in The Witcher 3, but on the other hand it’s quite possibly the most smart. The studded belt and chest armor add a touch of bling to our number one Butcher of Blaviken.

Under what has all the earmarks of being a mix of softened cowhide and calfskin is an invulnerable layer of chainmail securing Geralt’s neck, arms, and chest.

The Cat school armor turns out incredible for a playstyle zeroed in on utilizing quick assaults and staying away from harm completely by avoiding.

How to get the Feline Armor

Purchase the graph map from a vendor in northwestern Blackbough. Follow the guide marker to a collapse Novigrad. Complete the riddles to arrive at the golem and the chest containing the graphs. Our aide on the most proficient method to get the Feline Armor includes a full walkthrough.

Manticore Armor (Best for Alchemy)

  • Armor type: Medium
  • Exceptional details: Increased basic hit possibility, expanded Toxicity limit
  • Set rewards: (3/6) Critical hit possibility and basic hit harm likewise apply to bombs; (6/6) One more charge for every speculative chemistry thing

An armor set utilized by Witcher 3 Armor Sets from the Manticore school, this stuff set has a not so much ostentatious but rather more functional look.

The Manticore armor is just accessible in the Blood and Wine extension and doesn’t have any overhaul levels. In any case, it’s as yet one of the top sets in the game.

This armor set is centered around working on your elixirs, decoctions, and bombs, making it the best alternative for speculative chemistry themed assembles.

How to get the Manticore Armor

Travel to Beauclair and visit the Grandmaster skilled worker to open the graph areas. Your inquiry will take you all over Toussaint, so be ready for a scrounger chase. Our aide on the most proficient method to get the Manticore Armor incorporates a definite walkthrough.

Viper Armor

Witcher 3 Armor Sets

  • Armor type: Medium
  • Extraordinary details: Resistance to harming and essential harm

An armor set themed around snakes and toxin, The Viper set was included the Hearts of Stone extension.

It has a smooth, dull look that is basically the same as the Kaer Morhen armor you start the game with. Nonetheless, it’s anything but a set reward, dissimilar to the next Witcher 3 Armor Sets, which makes it somewhat more vulnerable.

All things considered, the Viper School set is a nice alternative, particularly in case you’re searching for high toxin obstruction. It additionally accompanies two swords that allow your assaults an opportunity to harm adversaries.

How to get the Viper Armor

The Viper Amor was presented in the Hearts of Stone extension. You just have a single shot at getting the charts, so don’t miss it. During the Open Sesame mission in HoS, converse with Countess Mignole. Track down her l

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