Who is Rhapsody’s Voice Actor in Apex Legends Mobile

In this guide, we will show you Who is Rhapsody’s voice actor in Apex Legends Mobile. Apex Legends Mobile is loaded with feisty legends prepared to fight it out all of a sudden. The program might get an entertaining person that eases up the temperament with music.

Respawn Entertainment initially carried out Apex Legends Mobile with a program of 10 characters, with new legend Fade getting the spotlight. The mobile-elite legend enticed PC players to take the mobile variant for a swing.

Who is Rhapsody’s voice actor in Apex Legends Mobile

Who is Rhapsody’s voice actor in Apex Legends Mobile

We’ve heard Rhapsody’s voice in the Distortion Launch trailer for the person. A few fans might have perceived the entertainer through the trailer, however Respawn made the authority declaration on its Twitter account. The skilled Xanthe Huynh voices Rhapsody. Huynh likewise energetically tweeted the news for her Get Pusheen and Super Pusheenicorn, it’s her “outright delight” to play Rhapsody to say.

Huynh is a productive voice entertainer highlighted in endless computer games and anime. Her most eminent computer game works are Marianne from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Haru from Persona 5. She’s additionally played supporting parts in anime like Pokémon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Hunter x Hunter, and Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. She joins other productive voice actors like Roger Craig Smith, Mela Lee, Erica Luttrell, and Allegra Clark in Apex Legends.


Linh My Vo was brought into the world on Komma City of Solace to an AI engineer working for Pythas Inc. Growing up with an affection for music, she rose to turn into a well known DJ. Her mom likewise built for her Rowdy, a little speaker drone.

Sooner or later, Linh’s mom uncovered secret organization insider facts. In reprisal, Pythas terminated her and set her family into a huge misleading obligation. Thus, Linh and her mom had to move to the hazardous Neon Dunes nightlife district in the city of Kómma. While there, Linh’s prevalence spiked, with the distress and discontent in Neon Dunes helping to inspire her defiant music.


We’re likewise uncertain of Rhapsody’s careful unit, yet the public statement from Respawn makes sense of a smidgen, stating she’s “a mood loving DJ with a charming yet destructive AI-controlled partner bot named ‘Raucous’, is prepared to drop the beat on the Apex Games with new music and cadence themed unique capacities.”

Her little partner bot will probably have a spot in her pack, and music will obviously assume a significant part. She might actually involve her music for help, as Lucio from Overwatch, who can recuperate and support his partner’s speed at the press of a button. In the trailer for Apex Legends Mobile season two, she utilizes her bot to transmit a gigantic soundwave which disorientates foes, which would check out as a transition to use in-game. We’ll make a point to refresh this with her full pack whenever it’s uncovered.

In the wake of accepting a proposal to perform on the richer part of town for an opportunity to clear out her family’s obligation, Rhapsody procured Pythas’ rage and acknowledged a proposal to join the Apex Games under their flag to keep away from additional issues for her loved ones.

Presently, “Composition anticipates topping the Apex graphs until she’s adequately made to get right out of this “sponsorship arrangement” and win her everyday’s life back.”

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