Where to Find Trina’s Lily in Elden Ring

This article is about Where to find Trina’s Lily in Elden Ring – and what it does. Elden Ring has been out for quite a couple of days, however the excitement of the fans isn’t yet finished. They are grinding through the game to step up their personality and weapons and investigate the guide of Lands Between.

Like each RPG, Elden Ring likewise furnishes players with the choice of crafting items and tools. Purchasing items some of the time cost a great deal of runes. Thus, it is smarter to make items, if conceivable. Trina’s Lily is one of the hardest crafting materials players can find. This guide will assist you with knowing the area of Trina’s Lily.

Where to find Trina’s Lily in Elden Ring

Where to Find Trina’s Lily in Elden Ring

The main great area to get three Trina’s Lily is under a toppled structure observed south of the Limgrave Tunnels. Be cautioned: this region is watched by a monster foe crab. For went clients, it shouldn’t be too a lot to manage, however it can sneak up suddenly. Assuming you’re needing significantly a greater amount of the Lily, there’s another generally early area that is a bit more perilous.

On the off chance that you meander along the street east of the crab battle, you’ll ultimately find yourself at the Mistwood Ruins. This spot is monitored by a monstrous bear that will probably demonstrate a tough test for lower-level warriors. Nonetheless, assuming that you approach the Ruins from the north and remain crouching, you can really get a few Lilys before the bear awakens. Sprint away on the off chance that you esteem your life.


Where to Find Trina’s Lily:

  • Can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant in East Limgrave for er runes 13 1000 Runes. Map Link.
  • Can be bought from Gatekeeper Gostoc for 200 Runes. Gostoc is situated in: Stormveil Castle Entrance.
  • Can be found from ravaged remains in Earth Bore Cave in Weeping Peninsula
  • One can be found in the waters close to the South of the Lookout Tower Site of Grace in Weeping Peninsula
  • x3 can be found close to the entry of Limgrave Tunnels. Prior to reaching it, look to one side to find a huge stone board, you’ll find it behind being protected by a Giant Crab.
  • x1 can be found close to the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace. From the Site of Grace, bounce down while mounted, travel east and you’ll find a support point. Around it you’ll find the item that is being watched by a white Wolf. Map Link.
  • However, Can be found under the monster ruined structure. Be careful with the Giant Crab guarding them. (Map Link)
  • One can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes, on a body in the lake where you battle Tibia Mariner.
  • Three can be found in Mistwood Ruins.
  • Numerous around Tombsward Ruins.


Limgrave: Mistwood Ruins – Found by and large around the ruins on a superficial level.
Stormveil Castle: Liftside Chamber – Leave the chamber headed towards the yard yet don’t head into the Courtyard, instead head up towards the Stormhawks. Overcome them and in the open patio you will find one of these blooming close to a tree.

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Where to find Trina’s Lily in Elden Ring

What it does

However, You’ll eventually get at the Mistwood Ruins assuming you travel east of the crab battle along the way. This area is guarded by a major bear who will in all probability scrutinize lower-level warriors. Likewise, You can really get various Lilys before the bear awakens assuming you approach the Ruins from the north and remain crouching. Assuming you esteem your life, flee.
Rest Pots are made with Trina’s Lilies. These helpful consumables will make your foes nod off, stunning them after enough has been administered. In the event that you utilize these in the right situation, you can undoubtedly set up a deceive, so depending on your playstyle, you should keep a couple on hand.

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