How to Use Plank Station Stranded Deep

Using Plank Station Stranded Deep on PS4 and Xbox One, fans are approaching the game with reestablished power. That said, hardcore survival games, for example, this don’t always explain all that the player has to be aware to get by, and there are much of the time many ways to use a given material. Wood is an ideal example of one such material.

However wood slashed from trees can be additionally separated into sticks for powering fires, crafting tools, and more, the logs can also be reused into planks with which to build and craft other useful things. Stranded Deep players have likely gone over several planks during their travels, yet a planking station allows players to craft them.

How to use Plank Station Stranded Deep

How to Make and Build a Plank Station in Stranded Deep

Craft a Plank Station

You will find the crafting recipe for plank station in the crafting menu, which requires a refined ax, a rough hammer, 4 sticks, a log, and one lashing. Basically by taking a gander at the crafting recipe, you know obtaining the things for the recipe isn’t that hard. However, in the event that you just got your hands on the game and are in earliest reference point segments of the game, you could find it a piece hard since you’ll require a refined ax, which you will not actually get in the early part of the game.

Use Plank Station

Our ultimate goal of crafting planks, known as plank scraps in-game, is basic. All you have to do is to get a log and stand near the plank station to craft a plank. Basically cut down a tree and get a log, head to the plank station and stand near it, open your crafting menu, and pick Plank scraps. Task finished!

How to use Plank Station Stranded Deep

Summarizing our aide, building a plank station, and crafting plank scraps with it are both straightforward on the off chance that you understand what you’re doing. Simply go to the crafting menu and build a plank station with a refined ax, an unrefined hammer, 4 sticks, a log, and one lashing. Then, at that point, finally, track down a log, proceed to stand near the plank station to craft plank scraps. Wrapping up, we trust this guide has been of valuable assistance to you. Please let us know by remarking down beneath assuming you have any further questions regarding the same.

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