All Ursula Crystal Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley – Full Guide

Ursula Crystal Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley however, there’s a particular journey that you can finish with Ursula. Fortunately, this mission is genuinely simple, as you just have to gather three things. Also, we’ll tell you precisely where to find them.

As you investigate the universe of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll meet numerous notable Disney characters and get to know them through story journeys. Among the Disney characters, there are both great and terrible, and Ursula is maybe the evilest and generally insidious.

Her character is shrewd and domineering, and all she takes a stab at is to become more grounded and force different characters to serve her. However, somehow, she is important for the story, and subsequent to increasing your companionship level to 10, you ought to find the Ursula Crystal in Disney Dreamlight Valley for Ursula, and our aide will assist you with this.

For Ursula’s final kinship journey in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players are entrusted with tracking down four Dull Crystals in various locations across Dreamlight Valley. While players frequently find themselves befriending legends from all through Disney history, a portion of the organization’s most famous villains likewise show up.

For instance, players can frame uncomfortable alliances with Tangled’s Mom Gothel and Ursula, the scheming ocean witch from 1989’s The Little Mermaid.

All Ursula Crystal Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

All Dark Crystal locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

At the point when you finally get Ursula’s Kinship Level to even out 10, she will give you the final journey in her story. Hit A Penalty Kick in FIFA 23 Ensure you have the Neglected Grounds opened before this since the journey requires the area to be opened. In the wake of speaking to Ursula, she will send you to the Neglected Terrains to look through the ruins of the area. At the point when you arrive, you will find a Dull Crystal on a platform. Get it and return it to Ursula. A short time later, she will request that you find the other three Dull crystals.

The most effective method to finish the An Arrangement With Ursula mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finishing this mission will provide you with two or three intriguing treats. This is how you’ll have to begin and finish the An Arrangement With Ursula journey:

  • Access Amaze Ocean side, where Ursula lives. Open her by completing Merlin’s journey.
  • Arrive at Kinship Level 10 with Ursula, where she will give you the An Arrangement WIth Ursula mission.
  • Find all three remaining dim crystals and put them on the Platforms in the Neglected Grounds.
  • Take the new crystal that is made back to Ursula. She’ll give you the Vulnerable Eric and Ocean Witch Outfit things.

Ursula’s Crystal Missions and Crystal Key

Close to the furthest limit of Ursula’s Missions, you’ll have to assemble Crystals — this is the “An Arrangement With Ursula” journey. For the initial step, you’ll find a crystal. From that point forward, you’ll have to find three more. The crystals show up in an irregular spot in the following domains.

  • Crystal #1: Iced Levels
  • Crystal #2: Knoll of Trust
  • Crystal #3: Neglected Grounds

Go to every domain and find the crystal on the ground. You can utilize the scene/furniture customization menu to rapidly check the guide from a higher perspective.

Then, you’ll have to put the four crystals on platforms. A few players are experiencing a bug that makes it difficult to put the crystals on the platforms.

All Ursula Crystal Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where is the locked cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

At the point when you’re finished talking with Merlin, go to the biggest piece of Amaze Ocean side toward the east of the guide. Here, you will find the Reviled Cavern in the northeastern area of Astonish Ocean side in Disney Dreamlight Valley, right under the way to the Woods of Bravery biome.

Whenever you have liberated Ursula and she has moved back to the valley, romanceable characters in Coral Island she will demand you to construct a house for her in the water. For that, you should go to the shore and construct a house to a great extent. It will cost you 10,00 Star Coins to do that. Whenever that is finished and you again go converse with Ursula.

Ursula can now be found swimming in Amaze Ocean side’s sea or within the lakes of different biomes, similar to the Serene Knolls and Dell of Trust. To step up her Kinship and assemble her home, talk with her again to begin the mission “Refuge Sweet Nest.”

Who has paper for Ursula?

Get the paper and make a beeline for Ridiculous’ home. There, the papers will be situated on the posterior of a red couch that is on the left side. Finally, go to Merlin’s home the paper will be on the table. To finish the mission, get the paper and make a beeline for Ursula and hand them over.

You can find the extra track WALL-E keeps in the corner cooler. Get the track, and anything that’s inside, and bring it to WALL-E so you can fix him.

One is underground, the other gold and brown. What remains is red and round”. To finish this journey you’ll need to visit Ridiculous’ stall and purchase carrot seeds, wheat seeds, and tomato seeds. Essentially, carrots develop underground, wheat is gold and earthy colored when developed, and tomatoes are red and round.

Inside the reviled cave, you will meet Ursula and in the wake of talking to her, she offers you an arrangement as a feature of her assistance in fighting off the Forgetting. Ursula then, at that point, gives you the Crystal Key in request to open an entryway leading to a cavern.

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