How to Unlock the Guerrilla Wetsuit in Hitman 3

Guerrilla Wetsuit in Hitman 3 Agent 47 has a lot of suits to wear when stealing targets around the world. As you progress through the mastery tiers of each location, you’ll unlock and get a variety of wardrobes, from suits to wear to very formal to shy suits. This guide will show you how to unlock Hitman 3’s second wetsuit, the guerrilla wetsuit, and disguise yourself as a secret surfer.

The Guerrilla Wetsuits are rewards earned from Hitman 3’s Ambrose Island. This is a place that was added to the game for free as part of the July 2nd roadmap. Guerrilla wetsuits are rewards for reaching Mastery Level 20 on Ambrose Island. But it makes sense as a premium reward for the most enthusiastic players.

Equipped with a guerrilla wetsuit like any other suit. If you’re on the mission planning screen, select a suit from your disguised wardrobe before clicking the play button. This will allow Agent 47 to start missions in his suit. So it’s worth the effort every time you enjoy Agent 47 and play the game.

How to unlock the Guerrilla Wetsuit in Hitman 3

How to Unlock the Guerrilla Wetsuit in Hitman 3

The back of the wetsuit has a red zippered tag that mimics the tie of Agent 47’s signature suit. Epic Guide to Ships in Eve Online This suit will appear in The Farewell of HITMAN ™ III as a disguise that can be worn in the mercenary dressing room under the mansion of Don Archibald Yates. This is the first time this suit is basically available as a level disguise, but in contract mode it is classified as a suit. At least by name. Carrying it at this level unlocks the exit point of the cave.

Seen in the trailer a few days ago, the Ambrose is a new free map that will be added to the Hitman 3 budget. The tropics are characterized by sandy beaches and lush vegetation, especially with hidden shaded areas that make stealth action more likely.

This also includes new items for unlocking, such as Machete Kukri, Guerrilla Wetsuits, and Morotov Cocktails, but this update will make several other items available. The above is an introduction to the Ambrose Island movie, but it is only part of the news. This patch also brings the following technical changes to the game: B. DLSS support in version 2.4.3 on PC and activity card support on PS5.

How to unlock the Guerrilla Wetsuit in Hitman 3

How do you unlock a tactical wetsuit?

The contract is permanent, not time-limited. And the developers say players can unlock the wetsuit just by launching the contract. Whilst the Bat Shuriken comes after completing the third stage.

You can get the Tactical Wetsuit from the Armor (Level 2) nearby. The disguise you need for this challenge can be found in the Staff Locker Room located at Level 0. You can also obtain it from one of the grape field workers. The keys you need to start Don`s car are located in the Villa Bedroom on Level 5.

How do you unlock the suburban suit in Hitman 3?

The Suburban Driving Gloves Suit is a suit available for HITMAN ™ 2 and HITMAN ™ III. It exists as an alternating gloved variant of a suburban suit that can be unlocked for use by successfully eliminating elusive targets at Whittleton Creek.

If you already own Hitman 1 or 2. You can use an existing copy of those games to unlock your access path in Hitman 2. It works with Hitman 3 at no additional cost. You also need to do this if you only want to transfer Hitman 2 progress.

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