How to Unlock the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy

Unlock the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy are significant curios that you can find while journeying across Aida in the wake of completing Ruins and missions. Every Relic can give you various capacities which you can use while in fight and otherwise. Collecting every one of the Relics can assist you with using these capacities any place you wish, however getting some of them will not be simple. One of the Relics you can get along your process is the Couant Relic.

In any case, when you get your hands on this Relic, you can utilize it to help you in fight. Here we will perceive how to get and involve the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy.

Since you have unlocked the Couant Relic, you can utilize its capacities to help you in fight. This Relic is positioned SR, and upon use, it will produce a safeguard for 5 seconds. It will require another 5 seconds to dissipate it, or the safeguard will evaporate once it gets hit.

How to unlock the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy

How to Unlock the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy

There are a great deal of relics that you can find and unlock as you venture through Tower of Fantasy. The Dungeon in Terraria These relics are intended to assist you with traversing the guide, take on foes in fight, and reveal stowed away regions and items. One of the numerous relics that you can find is known as the Couant. This relic is a little droid that you can gather to help you in fight. Remember this little fella whenever you are in a battle.

The Couant Relic is unlocked by exploring the world. In particular, you really want to investigate the Banges district. This is the second area you will go to in the game. As you progress through the area, you should gather Exploration Points to unlock the relic. Investigation Points are obtained by exploring the guide and discovering things interestingly. To gain points, you want to open Supply Pods, investigate points of interest, complete Ruin prisons, and unlock Spacerifts. You will unlock the Couant Relic whenever you have acquired 800 Exploration Points in the Banges district.

How to unlock the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy

How do you get the relics in Crash Bandicoot?

When you do this, return to the level and stroll into the stopwatch in the platforming/main series games, or you should choose relect race from a twist cushion or the main menu in the racing games.

In the platforming/main series games you need to finish the entire level in one existence without dying and beat a set chance to procure the relic. You ought to take note of that the time preliminaries just unlock in the wake of beating a level interestingly. You will then find a stopwatch toward the beginning of the level. Get it (or shoot it with bazooka) to begin the clock.

How do you get the relics in Crash Bandicoot 3: warped?

Relics are prizes from doing speedruns/time preliminaries. At the point when you finish a mission in record time you procure a relic. There are 3 potential ratings depending on how quick you are: sapphire (slow), gold (great), platinum (best).

Getting every one of the 30 gold relics unlocks the prize “Boo-yah, Grandma! Boo-yah!”. They are likewise expected to arrive at 105% game finishing.

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