How to Complete the Unlock Safe Task in Among Us

Following some serious time waiting, the Airship Map finally Unlock Safe Task in Among Us and, as guaranteed, it includes many new rooms brimming with new tasks for crewmates to complete. A large number of the new tasks, similar to the Sort Records or Develop Photos tasks, are local to the nine new areas included on the Among Us Airship Map.

One new action that has all the earmarks of being giving a few players. A difficult time is the Unlock Safe task in the Airship’s Cargo Bay. In this task, players need to find a yellow Safe in a remote corner of the Cargo Bay and use a conventional combination lock to open it.

Among Us’ most recent guide, the Airship, finally went live. The guide was originally reported toward the beginning of December. While it took some time to have its spot in the Mafia simulator. The Airship may as yet retain the greater part of the publicity with its massive size.

The Airship is another guide in Unlock Safe Task in Among Us, and it includes a few new tasks for players to complete. While the vast majority of these task are genuinely direct, there is one specifically that might be giving fans some difficult situation.

After various somewhat long periods of expectation, the Airship Map was finally delivered for Among Us. Consistent with its promise, the guide offers an enormous number of new rooms loaded with new goals for crewmates to achieve. The nine new spots that are shown on the Baby in Among Us each have their own novel arrangement of obligations, and a portion of these tasks include things like sorting records and developing photos.

How to Complete the Unlock Safe Task in Among Us

To Unlock Safe Task in Among Us, players will initially have to make a beeline for the Cargo Bay. This new area is on the southeastern corner of the guide, and it is most effectively gotten to through the Lounge restroom, the area of the Clean Toilets task.

Crewmates can find the Safe in the lower righthand corner of the Cargo Bay. Behind certain cases organized in a half circle. It is dazzling yellow and therefore challenging to miss. When the crewmate interacts with the Safe, the mini-game screen will show up. This includes a little piece of paper with a number and bolt. A customary combination lock dial, and the Safe handle.

This mini-game requires crewmates to input a three-digit code, yet there is a trick. They must turn the dial toward the path indicated by the bolt. A light blue bolt pointing to one side indicates the crewmate must turn. The dial to one side to arrive at the right number. A dim blue bolt pointing to one side indicates the crewmate must turn. The dial to one side to arrive at the number.

At the point when players effectively input a number by turning the dial in the legitimate bearing. They will uncover the following number and bolt in the code. Assuming players spin the dial inappropriately after this point. The following number will vanish, and players should input it again.

Complete the Unlock Safe Task in Among Us

Players ought to likely have some involvement in this movement. Unlock Safe Task in Among Us prior to jumping into a genuine match. Because they have a limitless measure of time and opportunities to rehearse a portion. The new game components and work on their time in Freeplay, crewmates will actually want to achieve. The work and continue onward in request to evade being gotten by the Impostors.

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