UFO Gaming’s UFoger and Ace discuss building the Steam gaming platform for p2e games

UFO Gaming’s UFoger and Ace UFO Gaming CEO UFoger and community rep Ace recently joined the Neo Live AMA series to discuss the team’s upcoming gaming platform. Participants in the AMA were eligible to earn one of ten spots to access the alpha version of the studio’s debut game, Super Galactic.

The UFO Gaming team aims to create an interactive environment with play-to-earn games, NFT marketplaces, and other blockchain-related features. UFO Gaming will offer support for transferring in-game assets (represented as NFTs) across games. The platform will also incorporate DAO governance and offer IDOs for gaming projects.

UFO Gaming’s UFoger and Ace discuss building the Steam gaming platform for p2e games

In the AMA, the team discussed the history of UFO Gaming and the team’s background, an overview of the gaming and NFT platform, the upcoming launch of its first game Microsoft / Activision deal, plans to build an independent game on Neo, the ecosystem’s multi-token model, the tokens’ use cases, and more.

The full transcript is below:

Riley (Neo Telegram admin): Today’s guests are UFoger, CEO, and Ace, UFO Navigator. UFO Gaming is a fully decentralized gaming platform bridging traditional games onto the blockchain and giving players the ability to earn while playing.

Ace is an integral part of UFO Gaming, handling everything from partnerships to organizational structure and calls. UFO Gaming is a community-owned project, and Ace is a perfect example as someone who was part of the community and stepped up to take a significant factor in steering the course.

Ace (UFO Gaming Community Representative): Hi Riley, thanks for having us and its great to see so many of UFO community members here as well as meeting the Neo community.

UFoger (UFO Gaming CEO): Hey Riley, a pleasure to be here! Thanks for having us. I’ll let Mr. Ace answer the first question.

Q1: What is UFO Gaming’s background and origin story?

Ace: As for the backstory of UFO, we made it with the intention of a fair launch. The project was deployed with our team of experienced developers, marketers, and project managers by burning 50% of the initial supply and releasing the rest on Uniswap to ensure we’re a fully community-owned project.

Coming from a gaming background, we were excited to unleash the power of the blockchain upon the gaming industry as we saw the game in the Play to Earn gaming market, where players can earn crypto while playing and have ownership of their in-game items.

We rebranded from ‘The Truth’ to ‘UFO Gaming’ and embedded ourselves as one of the pioneers of play-to-earn gaming in the space.

UFO Gaming has been in the works for several years with the team assembly and game development, but we chose to bring it all together for a well-timed launch in the first half of 2021.

Q2: Could you give a high-level overview of what the project entails? What sets you apart?

UFoger: Let’s start with our vision and community-first approach. We have a community-focused approach with everything we do.

We are building a decentralized gaming platform where users can choose their favorite genre to earn. Additionally, asset ownership is fully determined by the users (an important one) and gaming assets that are not isolated to one specific game. They can be transferred from one platform to another (hence, why crypto is crucial) and, of course, a play-to-earn gaming economy that is transparent and sustainable. In short, below are some bullet points, I’d like to use to summarize UFO Gaming within these aspects:

Secure and safe audited from Hacken
Future DAO governance
Complex NFT- and tokenomics system
Super Galactic, debut p2e game
Future Gaming IDO

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