How to Turn On The Backlit Keyboard

We all have gone through those days when we want to work on our keyboards, but for some obvious reason, there is no light. 

In times like those, we all thought about how we wish the keyboard that we have on our PCs somehow came up with a light that could help us type in the darkness too.

Well, good for us because many PC companies have now come up with exactly the light that we wanted, called the ‘backlit light.’ 

Although not provided in many PCs, this feature has been put in quite a few windows and apple laptops. 

Thus, we bring to you this article that can help unlock this very useful feature that you may or may not have been aware of. 

This article will consist of ways to unlock your PC’s backlit system in various laptop companies. So, let’s learn.

How To Unlock Backlit Light For Windows PC

If you were aware of this feature, then it must be from Apple laptops. It is very rare for a backlit light to exist in a windows PC. Regardless, there are a few brands that have this handy feature.

However, you can refer to to test whether your keyboard is working or not and for all keyboard-related information and guides.

In Lenovo ThinkPad and IdeaPad laptops:  (Fn + Spacebar)

  1. Press the ‘Fn’ key on the keyboard simultaneously with the spacebar bar to unlock the backlit function. Usually, a spacebar works when it comes to a Lenovo laptop.
  2. If the spacebar function doesn’t work, then it is likely that the Lenevo laptop has no backlit light.
  3. You can also increase the keyboard’s brightness by continuing to press the ‘Fn’ and the spacebar. Pressing too many times will eventually disable the brightness.

In Dell laptops: (Fn + F5)

  1. Press the ‘Fn’ key in combination with ‘F5’.
  2. To increase brightness, press the combination keys once again.
  3. So far, the following models of Dell have the backlit light function: Dell Vostro(3350,3450,3550) and Dell XPS 14z

In HP laptops: (Fn +F5)

  1. For HP laptops, it varies depending on the model of the laptop. Usually, the function works with the combination of ‘Fn’ and ‘F5’ keys, but if not, then the ‘F9’ key might also work. 
  2. Basically, you need to look for a key that is symbolized as squared emitting light. That key will most probably be able to unlock the backlit function.
  3. So far, the following HP laptop has the backlit light function: HP ENVY 14-2160SE

In Acer laptops: (Fn+ F9)

  1. Press the ‘Fn’ key in combination with the ‘F9’ key.
  2. If this function does not work, it is likely that your Acer laptop does not support the backlit light function.

In Sony Laptops:

  1. Search for ‘VAIO Control Center’, and in it, select ‘Keyboard and Mouse.’
  2. Under the ‘Keyboard Backlight’ text, you can now easily set the settings according to your need to enable the backlight system.

How To Unlock Backlit Light For Mac

  1. Most of the time, the backlit light for a MacBook is already functioning to turn on whenever the surrounding light around us dims. 

However, you can change up a few settings so that you can be in control of the backlit function.

2. Go to System Preferences, click Keyboard, and then Keyboard.

3. Here, you can check out the box that automatically switches on the light. You can also increase and decrease the brightness of that menu.

4. You can also use the ‘F6’ button simply to turn on the backlit light and long press to increase the brightness. Pretty simple right?


Be it a late-night session in your dorm room, or a late-night flight, your productivity doesn’t have to stop, thanks to the backlight function which is provided in most laptops. 

Usually, the function key is used in combination with an F numbered key to enable the backlit function, but if none of it works, try looking at your laptop’s keyboard for a square-shaped box symbol emitting light on one of the keys, or even a sunlight symbol. 

To know whether your laptop supports the backlit function, you can refer to the manual provided by it or you can even search up the model on the internet. Hopefully, this article helped you use the full potential of the backlit function of your keyboard!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Q) How to adjust the brightness of a backlit keyboard?
  2. A) In mostly all laptop models, the brightness of the keyboard is increased by pressing the same combination of keys that were used to switch it on. If that doesn’t work, you can look for the brightness option in the keyboard settings of your laptop.
  3. Q) How to set the backlit keyboard to always be on?
  4. A) In a windows laptop, you can establish this by searching up ‘Windows Mobility Center’ in Settings and increasing the brightness to your choice under the ‘Keyboard Brightness’ tab.

In a Mac, you can achieve this by navigating ‘System Preferences” and selecting ‘Keyboard.’

 Then, uncheck the boxes next to ‘Adjust brightness in the low light’ and ‘Turn keyboard backlit on.’ Next, you must adjust the brightness from the same menu, the control panel on the touch bar, or even the keys.

  1. Q) How to disable a backlit keyboard in Windows?
  2. A) The same combination keys that were used to enable the keyboard’s backlight, when pressed a few times, will disable the backlight.

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