How to Turn on Comments on Youtube – 3 Easy Steps

In any case, not all Turn on Comments on Youtube watchers are great. Some will post mean or insolent comments for reasons unknown. Rather than engrossing cynicism, it’s smarter to turn off comments when the disdain gets excessively genuine. Fortunately, you don’t require a work station to do this. With an Android or iOS cell phone, you can empower or debilitate YouTube comments – quick.

Might it be said that you are wondering how to turn on comments on YouTube video? Might it be said that you were likewise mindful that you can’t change remark settings when a channel’s crowd is set as made for youngsters.? The comments added on a child’s channel are generally erased inside the 30s days, forever. To permit comments on a video that is not openly accessible, you can rapidly post an unlisted video all things considered! So without burning through any further within recent memory, how about we get to know how to Turn on Comments on Youtube video!

To empower comments on your YouTube recordings, there are a couple simple methods for doing as such. You can either empower comments as a default setting, or simply turn them on for explicit Connect Mouse to Mac. This wikiHow article trains you how to empower comments on YouTube.

Have you debilitated YouTube video comments before however might want to turn them back on once more? You can undoubtedly get it done. In this article you will figure out how to turn on comments on YouTube in 2021.

How to Turn on Comments on Youtube

You can really change remark settings for a video from the content page, which makes things so natural! The mass alters option is additionally accessible to change the comments settings at once! Follow the steps beneath to do as such! In the further article, we will likewise guide you to basic ways of Turn on Comments on Youtube. You can likewise find featured comments as well!

  • Sign in to your YouTube Studio.
  • From the left menu, tap Content.
  • Select the video’s thumbnail.
  • Tap the More options tab.
  • Under “Comments and evaluations,” head over to your remark settings.
  • Select Save.

Do you feel that the above steps on how to turn on remark on YouTube were really effective?

How To Change Default Comment View?

Turn on Comments on Youtube

You can change how comments are requested on your video’s watch page. You can arrange comments by top comments or by date added.

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  • From the left menu, select Content.
  • Click a video’s thumbnail.
  • Select the More options tab.
  • Under Comments and appraisals, select the sort by option
  • Pick either Top and Newest, then, at that point, pick Save

Simple! You can undoubtedly follow these steps and sit and partake in your new altered comments settings!

Change Your Default Comment Settings In Seconds!

For this, you can just pick your default remark setting. This change applies to comments on new recordings and new comments on your channel landing page.

How To Turn Off Comments On YouTube?

There might be examples where a specific remark section might have turned into an annoyance to your tranquility and made brain. Knowing the manners in which how you can Turn on Comments on Youtube can really do some amazing things! Follow the steps underneath to find out additional!

  • Head over to your YouTube account
  • Click on your profile picture situated on the upper right of the screen

  • Tap YouTube studio and head over to the recordings option

Turn on Comments on Youtube

  • Tap the thumbnail of the video and select the high level tab

  • Unclick the permit comments box. This will assist you with turning off the comments for some time.
  • Tap on the save option


We trust that we have cleared every one of your questions on how to Turn on Comments on Youtube video. You can likewise look at our blog on YouTube promotion tips, stunts, and systems.

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